another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 28 December 2009

draft of loveless engineering stickers, coming soon, various colours, their about the same size as an arai sticker, please comment me and let me know your address and i will get them in the post as soon as i receive them back from the printers, their free, it's just some blatant self promotion, no excuses, i'm just trying to get the word out there, thanks for your support.

kreidler/van veen 50cc racer, bet that twin-leader brake in the front would get your attention, looks like the little skinny forks would snap in half if you hit the brakes, that is if the front tyre didn't give way first, i would love to have this bike in my front room, chuck the telly out and just sit and look at this instead.

wayne gardner with the moriwaki kawasaki, was it really a good idea in the eighties to mount the twin front brake calipers off the front of the fork-legs rather than behind?, surely, it's better engineering practice to mount them behind?, perhaps it was to improve cooling but every time i see this configuration i just think of the bolts shearing off as you grab a handfull of front brake, check out the angle of the shock's, must have been like riding a rigid, love the skinny little swingarm, the lush four into one pipe, rg500 front mudguard and z1r tank, the photo must have been taken in england because wayne hasn't got any corks hanging on bit's of string off his hat.

angel nieto, 50cc derbi.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

this is my fridge door. cool isn't it?, the clock on the right is a ramones clock, it's what the kid's got me for christmas, it's got 1,2,3,4 on it. that's it, nothing else required.

started gunking down the motor today, got to get everything clean before i start to strip it down, top three fins off the head can go, going to cut them off with a hacksaw and clean them up with the miller, take the corners off the head and barrel, cut the crankcase down on the primary side, [cleaned it off and it's got a crack in it so nothing to lose], the oil pump can go, [pre-mix] and the kickstart assembly, loads of work to do yet.

more work on top-yoke, counterbored, drilled and tapped eight-mil, just needs wire-cutting and quick skim to finish, looks the bollocks.

it's all form filling at the moment, application for acu licence, application for ctc test, application for eye-test, application for bemsee, application for bmzrc, application for darley moor, you have to get one form filled in, send it off to somewhere else, get it signed before you can send it off to somewhere else to get it signed to send off to somewhere else and everyone wants their ten quid, twenty quid, thirty quid, forty quid, fifty quid.

football, the best game in the world, 'the beautiful game', unless you are a derby fan, dicked for the second time in a week at home, other teams fans must love coming here, a nice day out and three points, 30,000+ there again on boxing day and an inept performance, we would bleed to wear that shirt and you can't even kick the ball to each other, it's fucking easy, we are the one's in the white shirt's, you ruined my christmas you wankers.

team bike at montjuic in 1982, loved reading the exploits of the endurance racing team who dared to take the french on in their own backyard, [ok, i know montjuic isn't in france but you know what i mean]

bob smith, on the rgb-weslake racer, remember seeing him at oulton park in the early '80's, it was at the transatlantic race series over the easter holidays, me and the then long-suffering girlfriend used to do brands hatch on good friday, mallory on the sunday and oulton on the easter monday, it was always fucking freezing, usually rained and with hindsight was a pretty miserable experience, crashed my gs1000 with karl, vinny's brother on the back one night and had to resort to my old 400 superdream for transport, remember getting back to the bike to discover the back tyre as flat as a fart and riding around on vinny's 400-4 trying to find someone with a can of 'finalec' so we could get home. [has anyone had any success with that? i know i never did], kept filling the tyre up at every garage forecourt we came across to no avail, gail and vince and karl and his girlfriend were wet through and dithering with cold so i told them to skin out which they greatfully did, i ended up pushing the bike to some b+b where we stopped the night, it was a dss place and rough as fuck but the landlady was mint and let us use her own bathroom and put us up in her son's bedroom, i was worried about the bike but she called her brother-in-law who only happened to work in a bike shop nearby and he picked up the bike in the works van, next morning after breakfast he dropped the bike off with the puncture repaired and wouldn't take anything for doing it, talking to him he only had a moto-martin so much to the girlfriends disgust we went to the shop to have a look at it, it was a minter, kawasaki z1r in endurance race colours, he was bang into it, followed the 'team bike' racers all over the continent and here i was thinking i was pushing the envelope going to cheshire!

angel nieto.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

aermacchi racer, lovely.

number eight.

yeah, the label is racing but the photo is a gratuitous tattoo shot, what's the relevance?, well, it's ok drilling, milling and lightening components on the bike to get an increase in performance but what about the weight of the rider?, how many times have you heard some bloke giving it the big one about their light weight exhaust, wheels, fasteners ,pazzo levers, heel plates etc and then looked at them in their leathers that they had to kill a whole herd of cattle to make? get some weight off fatty, your bike will be faster and you will be fitter which means you can ride faster, i've been on the scales today, i'm weighing in at 79.1 kilo's [or 12 stone and 6 pounds in old money], my bmi or body mass index is 21.4 %, when i was training for karate competitions i was 12 stone with a bmi of 17% which means i have to get my finger out and get some serious training done after the holidays to get about 6 pounds off, i know i have to keep some stored fat for physiological function but i've got to knock the alcohol and pringles on the head.

remember the two brembo's i picked up a couple of weeks ago?, well, here they are after a bit of treatment, the gold anodising was shot on both calipers, when i cleaned them up they were both showing signs of corrosion where water and salt had worn away the anodising, to get them stripped profesionally is an expensive option so i turned to the time-honoured method of using a well-known household product to strip the shitty gold finish off them, yeah, it's true, mr muscle oven cleaner will strip it off, get some newspaper on your bench, a pair of rubber gloves and an old toothbrush, liberally spray the mr muscle onto the parts and leave for twenty minutes, give it another spray and get to work with the toothbrush, it isn't easy but if you have the patience you can get good results, the bare aluminium goes black due to the chemical in the cleaner, get your drill out and stick a copper wire brush in the chuck and off comes the black residue, a bit of wet and dry, [just on the raised brembo casting] and a quick rub with scotchbrite and they look like new, the pads in the four-pot, four-pad front caliper just needed a quick glaze busting with 320 grit wet and dry to go again but the cagiva pads in the rear caliper are shagged so need replacing, dug a stainless bleed nipple out of my stock and change the caliper body bolts for stainless and they will look the business.


top yokes had a bit more work, slots milled in to lighten it off and spindle nut counterbored to recess it flush with the top of the yoke, needs drilling and wire-cutting so it will clamp onto the fork-legs and spindle and perhaps a counterbore under the fasteners so the head of the bolts will sit flush, not sure whether to use two six millimetre or one eight millimetre socket head, oh yeah, they need tapping out too.

offered the aprilia mudguard up to the forks and realised that we don't need the rear mountings so off they come.

Monday, 21 December 2009

renzo pasolini.


me on my sporty chop at the shires show 2008, got best lowrider, not bad for a bike with no paint.

so, the bloke with the yellow shirt who's wearing a cowboy hat, the tart bending over who looks like she's ready to pump and the bird from abba are laughing at the bloke on the cool mz, why? don't they know class when they see it?


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

busy, busy, busy, why am i doing this?, it's a pain in the arse, i don't have to have this hassle, fuck it, get it on e-bay as an unfinished project and cut my losses, mrs b bollocking me every night about being in the shed, my thumbs are split with solvents drying them out when i'm cleaning bits, loads of application forms, had to have an eye-test monday night, bit's to make, bit's don't fit, my head's in bit's, then i find this photo and all of a sudden it doesn't seem too bad....................................................

struggling to find a 320mm disc to suit the grimeca mounting, the trouble is that it a five hole pitch circle diameter, not like a six hole pcd where you can pitch it to miss the mounting holes and miss the full-floater bobbins, decided to run with the 280mm 'ridgid' mount standard yamaha disc for now, let's face it, i'm aiming for a weight of 100-110kgs so this set up should stop it ok, especially using a 4-pot, 4- pad brembo, braided hose and a decent master cylinder, some bikes build themselves, some bikes fight you all the way, this is a fighter.

race spring's from burwins turned up today, standard mr wimpo on left, rambo mr muscle on right! check out the aluminium swarf on the shed floor, must have a sweep up at the weekend.

got the front forks stripped down, they are not exactly high-tech, the springs are very wimpy and i ordered a set of racing springs from burwins, the damper rod has a 6mm hole in it and i think i will weld it up and re-drill it 2mm and try some medium weight fork oil to improve the damping, the mz tuning site recommends ep30 gear oil but i'm not sure, i would rather use proper fork oil for it's anti-foaming capabilities, the bottom of the fork stanchion where the valve sits is as rough as a badgers arse, i'm sure the washer must pick up on it and prevent the valve working correctly, i've ordered a new set of stanchions as a precaution, they don't cost a lot and the one's that came on the bike were shagged anyway.

the original rubber bush is well short of the metal insert, there must be some flex with this set up as the spindle is not supported through the whole width of the swingarm, the aftermarket bushes must be better in this respect due to it being 'full- length', still prefer a couple of bronze bushes instead, might still look at this option.

i cut the bushes in half in the swingarm and drifted them out, the rubber bush inserts and both halves of the steel bushing are adjacent to the swingarm pivot, the after market bushes are above.

busy week on the racer this week, the swingarm bushes are pretty crude, basically a steel bush in a rubber sleeve, these little beauties are 23 years old so are well shagged, the only way to remove them is to cut them out, you can't drift them out, they must be pressed in at the factory as stock.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

love converse, the best shoes in the world ever, i've got loads of pairs, wear them everywhere, love a pair of these bad boys though.

ralph hepburn, 1922, motorcycle racer.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

been xmas shopping today, me and dangerous started the day at maccee-dee's for a coffee, then down to see rob at racing lines, aprilia 125 mudguard for a tenner, cagiva mito rear caliper, [with footpeg hanger, master cylinder and trick little reservoir] twenty quid and a pair of clip-ons, [not a matching pair, the nickel plating is a different colour, big deal], for another tenner, then up to neil's at cornerspeed ducati for a root through his brake caliper bin and turn up a beauty, result, be rude not to pop around the corner and see kev at le-rock, tell him about the problem with the front disc and he gives us a 320mm semi floating disc for nowt, 'measure it up and see if you can do anything with it, if not give me a ring monday, the ebc rep is in and i can have a word with him to see if i can get you sorted', my faith in human nature is restored, thank you.

front caliper is a four piston, four pad brembo off a treble nine ducati, rear is a little twin piston, twin pad brembo off a cagiva mito, that should stop it then, why do people buy harley davidsons?...........

beautiful harley davidson/aeromacchi 250cc racer from 1964, why don't harley dip into their rich racing heritage more often rather than following the tired old, [delete as necessary], 1- bald eagle flying over a desert, 2-easy rider, 3-bad-ass biker, 4- bro!, 5 etc,etc, etc, bore -off, i've got one and there not as good as you want to think they are, imagine saying to a r1 or fireblade owner, 'right mate, you've bought the bike , now you need to spend lot's of money to make it run properly and even more to make it stop properly and even more to look like a complete knob-head in your factory approved made in taiwan genuine harley clothing range, they do a complete package at your local dealer, black t-shirt, [with dealer logo on back], black jeans, [pressed in creases included], snakeskin boots, a fucking stupid helmet that looks like a pimple on a pig's arse, h.o.g patch with top and bottom rockers that you can sew on your cut-off so 'normal' people will think that you are an outlaw club member, [even though you are actually a commodities broker in real life], the sneer comes as standard as soon as you ride off on your new bike, [mate, only pensioners and little kid's are impressed] and the cherry on the top, a stick-on goatee beard.

lambretta racer at three sisters.

Friday, 11 December 2009

had some work done today.

rage against the machine.

hotwheels. got this one in california, probably the bike buell should have built.

ben jones at 'second skin' tattoos, derby, me, having my chest panel finished, i took the photo, we just fuck about all the time, laughing, playing music on ben's i-pod, some really cool stuff on there and then on comes bon-jovi or wham or girls aloud and he is trying to turn it off or make some excuse about it, that's the beauty of an i-pod on shuffle, it reveals so much about you, don't make excuses for it, if you like it then bollocks to everybody else, that's the trouble with a lot of people, they say what they think you want them to say instead of being themselves.

hanya mask.

board track racing frog.

ernst degner on the factory suzuki, he defected from eastern germany with walter kaaden's secrets and sold them to the suzuki factory, read all about it in matt oxley's brilliant 'stealing speed' book.

gus. photo by jess.

can't find a copy of this book anywhere, must get a copy, any idea's where i can get one?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

well, got the dural from the scrappy's so it's time to get cracking on the top yoke, it's not rocket science, trace round the bottom yoke onto a cornflake box, cut it out and draw round it to give you the basic shape, drop the dural onto the pillar drill and rough out the shape, then onto the mighty miller to clean it up, the dural is good quality, after i chain drilled it i followed the hole patterns to get the basic shape and it was hard work with the old hacksaw.

fork and steering stem holes bored, this is the first job in case you drop a bollock, the yoke is just too big, [40mm thick], target depth is 25mm but thin it down to 28mm and then leave a little stock on it so it can be fly-cut in case it get's bruised while working.

i chain drilled the scallop on the front to save time but it leaves it really rough, you can shape it on the miller but it would take ages.

so, time to drop it back on the miller to clean it up.

starting to take shape now.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

'i'm going out tonight,
got an ache in my guts and my stomach's alight,
so crack your fucking knuckles and straighten your spine,
we are the night,
and i want to be,
anyone in the world but me,
trapped in the body of a man defeated,
i am the shame of mistakes repeated'