another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

thats what i call clip-on's!, car tyre in the back, weird front forks, leading link or are they just rigid pushbike type beefed up with a bit of bracing, belt-driven overhead cams?, don't know anything about this machine, just found the photo on a vintage page, it's got to be some sort of vintage sprinter?

indian new york police dept.

dutch t.t., assen, 1931.

i had a photo of the amazing shovelhead with ducati heads on the blog a few months ago and now the latest pictures are of the almost finished bike, very tasty, still love the belts driving the desmo valve gear.

not sure about the new sporty xr1200, sometimes i look at them and think 'yeah' , other times it's a 'hmmmm?', came across this one on the adrenaline-moto site, they run adrenaline-moto alongside the trojan-horse buell site, i really like this one, reminds me of the japanese 'sundance' racer from a few years ago.