another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 27 February 2010

saturday night, i-pod on shuffle.

saturday night at race headquarters, filing cabinet i nicked from work to store my tools in.

me, on my chop, photo's from american-v feature, i was happy back then, me on the sporty, barse on the shovel, building bikes for fun, totally illegal, no speedo, no indicators, not even a fucking stand, bit of wood stuffed in jacket pocket and wedged under footpeg, we got passed by the law on the way to the shires show, they just looked at us like we were shit, they didn't want the paperwork, we caned onto the campsite, superstylin', i ripped all the fins off my regulator, clip-on's on the sporty, sky high apes on the shovel.

saltfighter sporty.

my chop in american -v magazine, april/may 2008.

it's not just me then, des, #42, one week before the season opens at brands...........