another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


dangerous, sweary mick and chalky made the short trip over to bilsthorpe to pick up the race can for the aermacchi off nige at nrp exhausts, when i got home from work, the three of them were stood in the shed drinking tea and cooing like three proud dads over a newborn baby, with chalky and sweary off for their tea me and dangerous set about mounting the pipe, first job was to make a stainless hanger strap, i bent a length of stainless flat stock around the only thing that was of the same diameter as the pipe, my propane gas cylinder, not ideal and definitely not a good advert for safe workshop practice, but, when need's must and all that, dangerous bent up the support rod from the top shock mounting to connect the hanger strap to the can and sprayed the pipe and the hanger rod in matt-black while i turned up a couple of spacers and drilled and tapped the top shock mounting bolt to secure the rod, a new exhaust gasket and some stainless fasteners completed the job, the workmanship on the exhaust header to modify it to allow fitment of the decibal can is lovely, the can itself is a thing of beauty indeed, highly polished stainless, stainless rivets and re-packable noise deadening baffle cases, the tig welding is a joy to behold too, the can is held onto the header by three stainless springs to keep it in position and a nice touch is the little rubber sleeves over the springs to stop them vibrating against the can and fretting it, first class job and i would highly recommend them, gus reckons so too, check 'em out here,