another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

busy, busy, busy, why am i doing this?, it's a pain in the arse, i don't have to have this hassle, fuck it, get it on e-bay as an unfinished project and cut my losses, mrs b bollocking me every night about being in the shed, my thumbs are split with solvents drying them out when i'm cleaning bits, loads of application forms, had to have an eye-test monday night, bit's to make, bit's don't fit, my head's in bit's, then i find this photo and all of a sudden it doesn't seem too bad....................................................

struggling to find a 320mm disc to suit the grimeca mounting, the trouble is that it a five hole pitch circle diameter, not like a six hole pcd where you can pitch it to miss the mounting holes and miss the full-floater bobbins, decided to run with the 280mm 'ridgid' mount standard yamaha disc for now, let's face it, i'm aiming for a weight of 100-110kgs so this set up should stop it ok, especially using a 4-pot, 4- pad brembo, braided hose and a decent master cylinder, some bikes build themselves, some bikes fight you all the way, this is a fighter.

race spring's from burwins turned up today, standard mr wimpo on left, rambo mr muscle on right! check out the aluminium swarf on the shed floor, must have a sweep up at the weekend.

got the front forks stripped down, they are not exactly high-tech, the springs are very wimpy and i ordered a set of racing springs from burwins, the damper rod has a 6mm hole in it and i think i will weld it up and re-drill it 2mm and try some medium weight fork oil to improve the damping, the mz tuning site recommends ep30 gear oil but i'm not sure, i would rather use proper fork oil for it's anti-foaming capabilities, the bottom of the fork stanchion where the valve sits is as rough as a badgers arse, i'm sure the washer must pick up on it and prevent the valve working correctly, i've ordered a new set of stanchions as a precaution, they don't cost a lot and the one's that came on the bike were shagged anyway.

the original rubber bush is well short of the metal insert, there must be some flex with this set up as the spindle is not supported through the whole width of the swingarm, the aftermarket bushes must be better in this respect due to it being 'full- length', still prefer a couple of bronze bushes instead, might still look at this option.

i cut the bushes in half in the swingarm and drifted them out, the rubber bush inserts and both halves of the steel bushing are adjacent to the swingarm pivot, the after market bushes are above.

busy week on the racer this week, the swingarm bushes are pretty crude, basically a steel bush in a rubber sleeve, these little beauties are 23 years old so are well shagged, the only way to remove them is to cut them out, you can't drift them out, they must be pressed in at the factory as stock.