another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 19 July 2019

itemise loathing and feed yourself smiles

thursday night see’s me out on the 790 duke for a 40 mile run down to coalville for the bike night at the vic, the first bike night I’ve attended for 18 months if truth be told. It’s a warm but overcast evening when I set off, short work through the works traffic, weary commuters making their way home through derby, I cut the queues easily, flick my headlight onto full-beam as I split lanes and filter ever wary of the tool’s in their rep-mo-biles on the ‘phone making excuses for being late to ‘the good lady wife’ 
I cut through the backlanes and I’m soon out into rural leicestershire, the traffic is thin and any ‘obstacles’ are soon despatched with a quick squirt of the the throttle, bloody hell! I had forgotten how much fun the 790 was, I scroll through the menu on the move and stick into sport mode, the bike takes on a different demeanour, it hunts a little below four thousand arr-pee-emm but north of that it’s  off like a scolded cat, front wheel pawing the air and with a very, very naughty exhaust note. The riding position is just so aggressive, ‘want some do ya’ monkey boy! wallop!’ elbows come out naturally, the view from the cockpit is, err, nothing, you can’t see the front wheel, just the tft screen scrolling  from black to white instantly as you go from shade to sunlight, the engine noise is intoxicating, I really don’t know how ktm have got away with this pipe, why spunk £800 on an akra and drop 3bhp? 
sorry, back to the plot, so, I eventually arrive at the vic, park up and go in search of a coke. I have a wander and try to find something to take a photo of, something that fires me up and sparks enthusiasm to trawl evil-bay and purchase a gilera chronos 125, a vespa px200 or t5, a vtr firestorm, another 750 or 900ss ducati, supermono racebike or puch vs50d. 
So, here’s a picture of my drive, primark trainer and ted the dog instead...........