another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 24 January 2015

this is england

this is england. cold, wet, dull. long nights and short days. football is a welcome distraction at this time of year. losing to our bitter rivals, forest, last week gutted me, came home from the match and went sraight to bed, my phone ringing and the filth giving it me big-time, e-mails galore and yet, i have so many links with the scutty neighbours, [who wear green tights, robins best mate is a bald headed monk and they run around robbing the rich to pay the poor] red-dog-rob, grant, spence, med, bramcote kev, you-two tony, drug-free fee, tyrone, pally, derek the dalek, gaz, the shaw brothers, gunny, julie, national front neville, [relax, he's a black bloke, long story, the only black skinhead in nottingham to join a racist gang] fuck off you wankers! so, you beat us and we were playing chesterfield in the cup today, [and we beat them two-nil and are through to the next round and you were playing? oh yeah, no one, you got knocked out!
     back to motorbikes, my shock turned up mid-week, realm engineering, ram shock, bespoke made shock, beautifully engineered, made to suit my weight at a fraction of the cost of an aftermarket shock, check them out at anodized fittings, deep powdercoated spring, 13 click pre-load adjustment, just a thing of beauty. got a lovely suprise too, a jiffy bag full of stainless fasteners from long term followers of the blog rich and sarah, we have never met in person, [though dangerous got 'school-boyed' by them at stafford a couple of years ago, 'excuse me, are you dangerous dave?' 'yes, i am' say's dave,[rich kneel's down and sarah pushes him over] serves the twat right i say! so, out in the shed feeling good about the world and the bonneville kicks me in the bollocks, batteries fucked, more expense, that cllllll, cllll, ccchhhh, noise, love this bike though, already i'm thinking about scrapping the unecessary 'down-tubes' the cradle is redundant from day one, put there to mimick the original, we can save loads of weight, i checked out the bonneville performance race bikes and they don't run them, 'ahh, mr hacksaw, i've been expecting you.......'