another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 26 September 2010

vinyl, 7" northern soul singles, in this age of cd and digital music you tend to forget about the vinyl stash hidden away in boxes in a wardrobe, over 500 rare soul gem's, i dug a couple of boxes out this afternoon and as i flicked through them i could still remember where i bought most of them from, all-nighter's, mail order from 'black music' or 'blues and soul', [old school, postal orders sent off in an envelope, no internet, amazon or i-tunes], trading records with mates or one of those heart skipping-a-beat moments when you found a gem in a junk-shop or record shop who weren't too savvy on a day trip 'dahn souf', sitting on some cold railway station waiting for a train to get you to a 'niter or to get you home in a morning after a night of amphetamine fueled dancing, try as you might, you can't 'download' that......
me on motors tv, bought an old mz last november, lot's of time in the shed making stuff and fettling it, got my acu licence, entered two race meetings after a trackday in july, no other experience of racing and i'm on the bloody telly on a thursday night, what's all that about then?
sorted the carb out using our original carb and parts of des's spare, araldited new breather tubes into the top of the float bowl and also cut down rubber carb manifold so carb sits closer to the barrel, i think that the fuel / oil mix that has been blowing back from the carb has been 'pooling' in the space between the carb and manifold because the rubber is too long.
removed the big engine spacer from the top engine mount to lift the motor in the frame, this raises the centre of gravity a little but we can cut the original engine mounting bolt down by 25mm which gives a better run for the throttle cable into the top of the carb, the engine also sits higher in the frame which gives a better chain run, before the chain was catching the swing-arm near to the swing-arm pivot due to the angle of the motor.

mark two exhaust hanger, changed original position from top shock mounting bolt further towards centre of stinger chamber to try and damp out exhaust killing vibration.
expansion chamber needs remounting to stop the vibration breaking it again, gone for the old dodge of a mini rubber bush mounted off a new hole in the seat rail between the shock mounting and the crash bung, the original aluminium strut is now too short so i dug an old ikea curtain rail out of the scrap bin, squashed the ends in the vice, drilled it 6mm clearance and bolted it up.