another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the hardest working man in show business, mr james brown, pure genius, i'm listening to him tonight.

this is christine noonan who starred in the 1968 lindsey anderson film 'if...', i can remember watching this film on late night tv when i was young and it had a real effect on me, a group of bullied pupils at an english grammar school turn against their tormentors and in a brilliant climax to the film attack them from the rooftops of the school with hand grenades and machine guns, school was never the same for me again.....

this is my 'girls bike' tough innit?

sportsters rule, you know they do, you just listen to other people too much who tell you they are an 'entry level bike' or, worse still 'a girls bike', well my 'girls bike' can blow the fucking wheels off your 'big twin' so do us all a favour, polish your concho's, a have a ride down the dealers and treat yourself to some bolt-on crap and leave the sportys for people who can ride a motorcycle.

had some good times on scooters, had a matt black vespa px200, sito pipe, racing seat, loved winding the bikers up by going to motorcycle rallies on it, best was the farmyard party one early sunday morning, tent and bag packed making my way towards the exit past the beer tent, coulton on his way back from his 'morning constitutional, hurrup, cough'] stepped out in front of me, small scooter wheels, a grabby front brake on wet grass, much hilarity as i ended up on my arse astride the still running vespa. cool.