another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 29 January 2010

had some work done today, big ho-o bird down my left hand ribs, ben got the majority of the outline done but still a lot to do on the tail feathers, i have three of the four guardians now, the dragon, the white tiger and the ho-o, [phoenix], i have to get the turtle too to finish, the fourth of the celestial guardians, the ho-o represents fire, the sun, justice, obedience and fidelity, deep, hate outlining, it fucking hurts, lot of shading still to do to finish, 3 possibly 4 sittings.

this is the bit i love, fresh powdercoating, stainless fasteners, everything clean, this is when you start to see it coming together, before it's just a big pile of parts, some bit's to machine, some bit's to clean, some bit's to paint, seems like a never ending job, then, you start to see light at the end of the tunnel and everything is good.

needed a rear disc for the project, my wheels didn't come with one, had a look on e-bay for one, two on there, £30 each, or wheel complete with sprocket and disc for £40, no contest, got a spare set of wheels too now, still going with the intermediate tyres though until i get a some race experience.

the thing of beauty that is a 250 mz tank, stripped bare of paint, the pinholes and the 2" hole in the seam repaired, the metal is so thin that i have had to buy a frost automotive tank sealer kit to ensure that i don't get anymore leaks.

blanking off the bearing surfaces paid dividends when it was time to drop the new steering head bearings into the freshly powdercoated frame, check my 'joe rocket' race leathers out hanging up in the background, bargain out of the local ad-mag, got a bad feeling about tomorrow's game, forest at home, their joint top with newcastle, dicked qpr 5-nil in the week and we got done by plymouth who were second from the bottom, i reckon we might get turned over big-time by the filth.