another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 3 September 2009

ducati desmodromic valve gear, i love two-valve ducati engine, the power is lovely, you drop into a corner and accelerate out and the power delivery is just so linear, they don't feel intimidating or particularly fast just usable power, i got into trouble on sunday when i rode up to calver to meet barse, jake and gordie, set off on the sporty the day after doing 200+ miles on the duc, you need to re-adjust your riding style considerably because the two bikes are so different, after a day in the company of the duc you forget what a handful the sporty can be, shaking it's head and the front end washing out on the skinny tyre, certainly had a few interesting moments thats for sure!

no, it's not jesus, the son of god but the infamous derek hales, the rams legend, signed from charlton in 1976 where he earned the nickname 'the killer' for his 72 goals in 129 appearances the mighty rams signed him in 1977, he scored just 4 goals in 23 games and was sold on to west ham the following season.

ratbikes have become very contrived over recent years, lots of plastic skulls and shit stuck on them for the sake of it rather than getting back to the tough, functional, matt black bikes that they once represented, i think this was once a goldwing, but the owner has converted it to monoshock with ducati style underseat exhausts and big chunky tyres, tough as they come.

wakan racer, sportsters still rule.

the wakan sportster racer project, powered by a 1600cc s+s sporty motor, 250 gp bike dimensions, looks like a lot of fun this one, very smart.