another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 18 February 2010

amazing photo of the honda rc115 50cc racer crankshaft, rods and pistons sitting in someone's hand! beautiful, nine-speed gearbox, four valve per cylinder, twin cylinders, made in 1965.

aermacchi, bubble visor, rigger-boots, no gloves.

the swing-arm saga rolls on, got the replacement swinger from burwins, instead of using the mounting 'cups' for the bottom shock mounting the 'new' arm uses a lot beefier mounting, the wheel adjuster plates are drilled and tapped 10mm instead of the feeble, out of line shock mountings on our arm, you can see from this photo that the 'cup' is welded on off-centre' of the swinging arm compared to this........

left-hand shock mounting on left of swingarm, welded on 10mm out of true, [centre of swingarm]

compare the 'new' swingarm, [fitted to the frame, top], with the skinny little thing, [bottom, offset mountings throwing the shocks out], just need to get the beefy, new arm powdercoated and the new bushes fitted and we should be good to go, the tubing on the new arm is inch and a quarter diameter compared to three-quarters of an inch on the old arm, check out the box section near the swing-arm pivot with the little tube on the original, should be a lot better especially when the shocks are actually in line.