another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 12 August 2013

donington classic festival - part two

 there's exotic motorcycles and there's exotic, rare, racing motorcycles, i really couldn't believe my eyes at the standard of machines on show at donington park, the honda sixes, not one but two, are a brace of the george beale replica's re-made a good few years ago now, i can remember that they were offered up for sale at 100k a piece back then so what would they be worth now? these machines are not to be confused with the popular little baby 250 fireblade engined replicas, these are exact replicas of the works racers, an incredible engineering achievment and they sounded fantastic, the #10 bike is a genuine 250/4 works honda, the fairing is hand beaten aluminium and is a work of art, work's moto morini? mondial? , yep, they were there, as was ivan rhodes velocette the famous 'roarer', sammy miller had the moto guzzi v8 and the truly gorgeous 500 v-twin 'bicilindrica' on show, modern machinery was well represented too with everything from the ex- loris capirossi desmosedici ducati and something for the two-stroke smoker fans in the shape of an immaculate 'marlboro' yamaha, the great thing about this weekend was the fact that the bikes were being ridden around the track instead of them just being in a static show, i believe that's where they should be, out on the race track so you can hear them, smell the oil ,fumes and rubber and see them moving fluidly, after all, isn't that what it's all about?