another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 11 March 2013


well, a week on thursday, [21/03/13], team loveless should, if everything goes to plan, be at the bhr test day at mallory park, hopefully with both the aermacchi's, but sadly without the bmw boxer which is still sitting in jim's workshop on the thames marshes waiting for the race cam to arrive from germany, there's still a hundred and one little jobs to do on the 250, we still haven't received the ignition coil [spooky, again this is allegedly on it's way from germany too], if this doesn't arrive, it's a trip over to bilsthorpe to borrow one off dave at d+r engineering, dave gave us a knackered one so we could work out how to mount it, no point in re-inventing the wheel, the rickman frame already has a split-tube welded to the lower frame brace so that you can just slide one of the old coil's into the orifice, unfortunately the pvl coil is nothing like so, a piece of nylon engineering stock was turned to the right diameter and we turned up an aluminium 'button for the other end, a long, 6mm set srew pinches the two together, i tapped the nylon for two 6mm screws to mount the pvl coil to it, the nylon should damp out some of the vibration that can cause the coil mountings to fracture, just to make sure we are going to mount the coil off two rubber bushes, i've used these to mount battery boxes, numberplates and all manner of stuff that you want to isolate, they are nothing very glamourous, just old valves that tyre fitters cut off when replacing tyres, if you go to your local tyre place and look on the floor there's usually dozens kicking about, ask nicely and you can usually help yourself for nothing, a week on thursday? easy peasy, what could possibly go wrong? [if you've followed the blog for a while you will already know the answer to that question.....]