another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 8 January 2010

word up.

spent a couple of hours this week preparing frame, swingarm and wheels for powdercoating, i know from bitter experience it's worth taking a little time to blank off any threaded holes or bearing surfaces, cut out a wood blank with a 18 tpi hacksaw blade to approximate size and hit it on the bench grinder to get it a near fit, finish your blank with a hand file and emery, drill a 6mm clearance hole and pinch together with a length of 6mm rod and a couple of old nuts, it's worth taking a bit of effort in the long run especially when you start rebuilding, the sprocket tappings iv'e just cut down some old 10mm set screws to blank off the threads, same as the 8mm disc mountings on the opposite side of the wheel.

it stops all the shot-blasting medium wrecking the close-tolerances on bearing surfaces and also many happy hours scraping powder-coating off them before you re-fit them.

frame, swinging arm, bottom yoke and wheels are in for powder-coating, engine is up at steve cannon racing for porting work so we are left with all the niggly jobs to get on with, all the mzedders run fork braces so we dug a lump of dural out of the stock bin and dangerous set too carving away with the miller, instead of me standing there with my thumb up my arse i set too on the front forks, a little tip here, tell your missus that she needs more room in the kitchen, move the boiler into the shed and run a radiator off it, positively balmy in there this week, [been working in my shorts ], she will love you for it and you will be toasty, [take note barse and nick, this tip is for you!]
horsepower vs weight, you can spend a fortune chasing that elusive extra half a brake horsepower or you can get it for free by reducing the weight of the bike, attention to detail, fork-nuts, counterbored up centre and top dished, you wish you had thought of that don't you?, i have problems sleeping at the moment, every component of the bike has careful consideration, i might need help, it's an mz remember?, doesn't matter, it's a racer, forget all that bollocks about wanting to compete and there's allways someone to race, i want to win and everything that gives me a competitive edge i will take, "trample the weak and hurdle the dead"

front forks on an mz racer are critical, got new fork seals, heavy duty springs, silkolene sae 30 medium weight oil and new damper piston rings, just a case of slapping them together, [together with the secret fork mod that you all want to know]

welded the three mm hole up in the top of the damper rod and re-drilled it 1.5mm, replaced the damper rod piston rings, [top of photo], they were really rough when i received them, lot of work to remove the casting flash so they run smooth in the bottom of the leg and don't pick up, a little bit of experimentation of fork oil levels should get the forks working correctly,

so i added 225ml of medium silkolene fork oil and the damping seems ok, i may have to use the standard springs and experiment with fork oil if the ride appears to be too harsh, there's no pre-load on the forks with them having no weight on them, the springs, [which ever ones i use], may need a little more pre-load due to the light weight of the bike, it's all down to when i get it out on the track.