another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ducati supersport concept bike, air cooled 1000cc ds engine, ally frame, radial brakes, moto gp style exhaust, classic ducati decal and formula 2 tt race paint, winner in my book, build it, fuck the emissions, the planet's doomed anyway.

girls really love the scent of the new mens fragrance, wd-40 pour homme, if you don't score when wearing this you can always spray some on your squeaking door hinges, clean tar stains of your exhaust pipes or use it to put your new renthal race grips on with, love it!

betty page, she really was gorgeous, sorry i know i'm sexist but she really was gorgeous. don't know if i've told you but she really was gorgeous.

beezer cafe racer, cooler than a cool thing in the freezer drawer in your fridge.