another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 7 November 2010

My dad, is the worlds biggest nobhead.
My dad, is batman.
My dad is dysfunctional, loud, sociopathic, irrational, angry and strange
But also, somehow... the actual coolest person in the whole world.
I know you lot are used to reading his blog and seeing his perspective on the world through his oldman-vision... but i have to admit this oldfart outlook on life has passed on to the next generation.
My dad is the reason that my sense of humor is so fucked up, it is of his doing, that boner is the most hilarious word in the world,
and it is also his fault that my ipod is an eclectic mix of old school trip hop, rock and other miscellaneous CD's that we listened to once upon a time in his garage.
I also blame my dad that i seem only to befriend men... because, inside, i am an old man,
and it is because of my dad, that i am sat here right now in a ramones night shirt hacking his blog.
I think the anarchist in me is also a little bit his fault.
I condemn my dad for making me a social hermit. It is because of him that a teenage girl is more comfortable talking to societies outcasts, the tattooed, the old, the morbid, bikers, punks, the artists... rather than people of her own age.
But it's shithot..!
It's because of my dad that as soon i talk to people, the usual response is 'fuckynell!'... a blonde sixteen year old.... is actually a 50 something year old man in her head.  It's a surprise that my music knowledge surpasses that of most music buffs, and instead of romcoms, ancient B-movies with crap effects, no story, and a massive badass factor are amongst my favourite films. 
It is my dads fault that if i was to tell you right now where i would be in just two years, i would respond  tattooed to fuck and probably be in a pub somewhere off my face on tequilla with my dad.
My dad, is my best friend.

I also accredit my dad for being so damn photogenic.
kaname ozuma.
scarred for life.
mz racers, some famous faces here, peter williams, dieter braun, eddie crooks and some bloke called hailwood?

dangerous is selling his sport classic, put it on e-bay this afternoon and it's already got five bids, stunning bike but he's got the building bug again, bonneville flatracker project, it's an itch that has to be scratched.