another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

bang. click. bang.

punk rock.


new sporty, this was at mfn early spring, nice bike, little carbon cans and ohlins shocks, he'd lost the mirrors and indicators too when i saw it, it's for sale at project bikes.

punk rock.
i knew the bubble would burst, this is on the door at harley davidson chesterfield, not sure about the third line fom the bottom, 'no girls' or perhaps they spelt it [w] rong? [ok, i'm joking]

italian racing motorcycles.

moto-guzzi racer with dustbin/dolphin fairing, [they refer to them in both context in mick walkers excellent italian racing motorcycles book], the rider may be bill lomas who once owned the shop at milford less than two miles away from my house, spooky.

it's all about racing at the end of the day, performance sells motorcycles, that's as true today as it was back in the day.

road race sporty, can't find anything out about it i'm afraid, [and yes, i spent hours looking], one of the nicest bikes i've seen for a long time, lovely.

punk rock.

neato xs650 yam with twin choke webbers, don't know what 'pincho negro' means but i know that the pocket watch on the gas cap won't last long.

xr750, from the side you don't usually see, you can still buy these engines brand new, when my lottery win comes up it's first on the list.

punk rock.

punk rock.

uma thurman in 'kill bill', watched it again the other night, cool film.