another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 February 2010

got a phone call off steve cannon on friday afternoon, 'your engines ready mate', i'm walking the dogs at the time, not long finished my shift and got that friday feeling, the weekend is here, i'm trying to take in all the details that he's giving me, 'close ratio 4th and 5th gear', 'detent arm's been replaced', number three selecter's shagged', we arrange for me to pick the motor up saturday morning, i'm up at 6am, restless night, dogs walked by 8am, quick shower, breakfast and dangerous is at the door, the 100mile trip to sunny grimsby flies by as we talk about all the jobs still to do, next thing i know we are pulling up at steves, we walk up the yard to his workshop, there are bikes and bits everywhere, i can't take it all in, i'm scribbling notes down about jetting, how to set the ignition timing, pre-mix oil to petrol ratio's, dave's in the yard sitting on steve's racer that's leaning against the fence bouncing the forks up and down and making two-stroke-in-the-powerband-noises and asking me to take a picture of 'how the ignition coil is mounted' and 'the wires to the kill switch', my brain is fried, we load up the engine and expansion chamber, steve donates a set of part-worn slicks he has in his stash and we are on the road back, we don't talk, quick stop at tesco for a tuna sandwich meal-deal that we eat as we drive, there's no water in the washer bottle and it's getting dark.

motorcycle racer.