another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 23 January 2010

kenny roberts, superstylin'.

me and mr's b, been together 23 years now, met her in the gent's toilet at the george in belper, they were queueing at the ladies and her friend was desperate so trish was standing guard, typical hard little scotch bird, been married 21 years, no regrets, two kids, two dogs, lot's of hard times, lot's of good times, i know it might not be 'cool' to post something like this but i really don't give a fuck what you think, this is for my wife and me, love you trish.

rear engine mounts on the racer, apparently they fracture with the increase horsepower of a tuned race motor so a popular modification is to weld strengthening webs onto them, going to drop them on the miller to clean them up a bit and then give them a waft with a can of smoothrite, i forgot all about them when i chucked the other stuff in for powdercoating.

detail photo of my mates work in progress radical lowrider project, he's a strange boy is john, dead annoying though, get's an idea and he's like a little terrier, decided the tattoo shop was too expensive so built his own iron's and learnt to tattoo on himself, built an mg on his drive, no garage, out there every night on his drive with an extension lead in the middle of winter, did all the work including fabrication and paintwork, it was so cold the paint kept 'blooming' and he had to flat it off and start again, built a trike with a straight six bmw engine in it, secret lightweight two-stroke fanatic, nutter, legend.

got my powdercoating back off kev on friday, dangerous picked it up at dinnertime, got a text off kev at 12.30pm, " where's my money you wanker?", it's not as bad as kev had said it was, the waxoyl had leaked a little around the seams when it had been in the oven but nothing a bit of t-cut can't sort out, the wheel's look the bollocks, a really nice satin black, i,ve made a bench at work to build the bike on, i'm pissed off with crawling about on the shed floor working on bikes and there's no-way i'm buying one, money is running out fast on this bloody thing.

this is my mate john in his shed with his latest project, it's a kawasaki z650 engine in a home made frame, the rear wheel is two gsxr rims welded together with a car tyre on it, it's so wide that the bike stands up on it's own, no stand required, john's made the swingarm, it's a two-rail construction, the pipes are his too, the gearbox sprocket is running an outrigger sprocket ,like a dragster, to clear the tyre, he's running twin brake calipers on the rear, i love the thought of all these projects being worked on through the winter, long nights in the shed, john's into his classic two-stroke jap's too and is currently restoring a couple of rd 125's as well as working on this animal, oh yeah, his day job is welding the turbine blades on rb211 jet engines for rolls royce.