another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 22 August 2009

my daughter jess at the rock and blues show a few years ago! kev and suz in the background. kool.

yeah, my chop.

shige. yellowblaze tattoo, japan.

pin-up girl, got that betty page thing going on, fringe, stockings, tattoos and chequer flags, high heels and long gloves, shame she's not japanese with a big sword, is it me or what?

'55 chevy gasser, bad ass, love the mag front wheels and steely's with half black/ half white paint job, body work is rough but i bet they spent all the money on the mill, velocity stacks give a clue of what lurks below, straight axle nastiness.

another ducati air-cooled concept bike, nice. me and dangerous are out tomorrow, we're doing the wymeswold, melton ,uppingham down to market harborough route, these roads were made for the ducati's, very technical, some bits super fast, some bumpy, off-camber slow bit's, great roads, no police, fuck matlock, they don't want us there, get out there and enjoy it while you can.

my mum was 80 on tuesday, 18th august, happy birthday mum, i love you.