another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

bang. click. bang.

punk rock.


new sporty, this was at mfn early spring, nice bike, little carbon cans and ohlins shocks, he'd lost the mirrors and indicators too when i saw it, it's for sale at project bikes.

punk rock.
i knew the bubble would burst, this is on the door at harley davidson chesterfield, not sure about the third line fom the bottom, 'no girls' or perhaps they spelt it [w] rong? [ok, i'm joking]

italian racing motorcycles.

moto-guzzi racer with dustbin/dolphin fairing, [they refer to them in both context in mick walkers excellent italian racing motorcycles book], the rider may be bill lomas who once owned the shop at milford less than two miles away from my house, spooky.

it's all about racing at the end of the day, performance sells motorcycles, that's as true today as it was back in the day.

road race sporty, can't find anything out about it i'm afraid, [and yes, i spent hours looking], one of the nicest bikes i've seen for a long time, lovely.

punk rock.

neato xs650 yam with twin choke webbers, don't know what 'pincho negro' means but i know that the pocket watch on the gas cap won't last long.

xr750, from the side you don't usually see, you can still buy these engines brand new, when my lottery win comes up it's first on the list.

punk rock.

punk rock.

uma thurman in 'kill bill', watched it again the other night, cool film.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

this one's for you barse, you know why. respect due.

gene romero, this is probably one of the coolest pictures ever, flat track racer in road race leathers, white, no armour with stripes and the number one plate, don't get no better than that, read 'em and weep wannabee's.

xr 750. lick.

harley davidson sundance xrtt racer.

jimmy the mod, phil daniels in quadrophenia, i can remember seeing the film at the flea-pit in east street and going back the next night to watch it again, classic, must pick up a copy, one of those i pick up every time i go into hmv then put back on the rack and buy a dodgy '70's kung-fu film instead, lesley ash was fit then too, shame she ended up with trout lips.

ducati 600ss, built for the desmodue race series, guy selling it hasn't got the time to race it, on sale on e-bay for £1500, you could be racing this next season......................................

great vintage firestone tyre ad, like the way the guy has his left hand on the inside of the bar for wind resistance, shame he hasn't got his right hand on the throttle, not sure about the beret and goggles combo, looks a bit like captain sensible out of the damned or frank in 'some mother's do have 'em' ooh betty!

boxer racer, serious bike, engine raised in frame for ground clearance, twin plugged, monoshock, 'right way up' forks but with brembo mono-block calipers, oil cooler, deep sump conversion, classic bmw race seat and fairing and a lovely racing exhaust, oh yeah, and a standard fuel tank with knee rubbers, mint.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

girls with guns.


barse is selling his boxer, we are in 'talks' at the moment, boxer lust.

mr. evel, he rides a sportster, tell him it's a girl's bike fatboy.

the older i get, the more tolerant i become, everyone is entitled to ride an ugly, bog- stock bike if they want but i really don't have anything in common with you, sport-bike owner or harley rider, get your hand's dirty, get the hacksaw out and make it your own or.................................................

'phoned barse 2.30pm friday afternoon, 'ey up mate, i'm walking the dogs up brackley gate, are you still at work?', 'yeah mate for about another ten minutes, what's up?' fancy a ride out about 4.30?', 'yep, i'll be there', we fuel at richards and take the tansley option, pick up a japper and leave him floundering, don't worry, he passes us in the 30 limit, wanker!, bloody hell, it's cold!, onto the a6 and as we approach bakewell it start's to rain, park up and head to the cafe, shit, it closes at 4.30pm today, try thorntons coffee shop- yeah, that's shut too, back down the a6, stopped raining now, roads are wet, autumn leaves, the smell of the freshly cut hedgerow, turn right and head up towards robins hood stride, turn left onto the via-gellia and a quick squirt through the trees, taking care on the damp road, look in my mirror and barse points left, we head into a deserted matock and park outside charlies, tea and toasted teacakes, both of us sapping the heat out of the warm cups to get the circulation back into our white fingers, the guy at the cafe lights the lamps under the awning on the pavement side, matlocks deserted, no weekend warriors here today, barse turns left, i slap his shoulder and watch him rip the sporty off into the gloom, i smile to myself, start my bike and turn right.