another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the best alternative.
billy davis.

so billy, the red dogs bottled it again and got well beaten by a far superior side, two years on the trot and you got booted out of a play-off final, all the huffing and puffing, all the forest fans crowing about 'this being our year', i love it that it all came to nothing for you and our scutty neighbours, times nearly up billy, you reached the top with the mighty rams, the only way is down, watching the match on monday was great, especially when campy cocked it up for the third goal and got chipped from the half way line, total comedy moment, they'll be playing that one on soccer am for years, 'taxi for camp.......'
ed's air-cooled ducati ss, lovely, see more at wish i hadn't sold mine now, bummer.....
ralph bryans,  'facoia d'angelo', [angel face] 1965 50cc tt.