another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 22 August 2010

............5.30 am and i'm awake, dangerous is snoring gently so i grab my wash bag and towel and walk through the deserted paddock, it's a lovely morning, the clouds are thinning and there's some sunshine starting to break through, i shower and shave and make my way back to the tent, van open, brew on, i pass dangerous a mug of tea and walk back to one of the catering van's to score us a couple of fried egg cobs, i pay the lady and get my morning practice pass from the race office, dangerous is up now and we sit in the warm sunshine chowing down, des is up and about, apparently he called round for us last night for a beer but we were dead to the world, dangerous makes us another brew and we sit and chill in des's awning, the paddock slowly comes to life and before long we are out for morning practice, the track is dry now and i know which way it goes which is always a bonus, the bike is running great and i feel a lot better today, back in the paddock des gives me a few pointers, 'you need to hit coppice the left-hander at the end of the start and finish straight in fifth boyo, don't change down, the hill will slow you down enough for charlies one, then, drop into fourth at the apex of charlies two', morning practice goes well and the first race is called, sidecar's first, powerbikes and then us, i get my kit on, the bike starts easily and we make our way to the holding area, sighting lap, race, brilliant, i'm 17th again but more significantly i'm 2.5 mph a lap faster and a massive 7 seconds a lap faster, race three and i'm 19th but this time everyone finishes, no fallers but again i'm faster by 1.5 mph and another second a lap, mission accomplished, i got three races in, i didn't come last
and i was getting quicker, honda aren't going to be knocking on my door and offering me a works ride but it was never about that, i'm having a laugh and enjoying what i'm doing, me and dangerous bought a 300 quid knacker and turned it into something that i can ride around the best circuits in britain, the lad's in the club are great, no ego's, good crack and everyone helps you out, i'm living the dream me, roll on snetterton!