another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 30 January 2016

blind in safety and leafy in love

so, sporty sold and an itch i needed to scratch see's me and dangerous buying an mz 250 etz two-stroke commuter bike to go racing with. a winter of head-scratching, no-sleep and lot's and lot's of work, even more money, [fourteen hundred big ones for a race tuned engine, fuck me!] we turned out a work of art. the scrutineers took pictures and complimented us on our bike. one off yokes, tz 50 moped wheel's turned down to lose weight, brembo brakes, one-off fork brace, handmade carbon covers, turned down stainless fittings, check out the pictures, heart and soul, blind in safety and leafy in love, we made 'motor's' tv, me overtaking three bikes on the grass at snetterton. totally out of control on wet grass at the hairpin. i was shit. fifty-one years old when i started racing. my best position was second from last, but, you know what? i did it. [and my bike looked pretty cool too................................]