another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 14 September 2009

ducati supersport project, i'm liking the mega's poking out the bottom of the seat unit, bet there not loud.

lambretta racer, you need some bottle to get this far over on 10" wheels and michelin s1 tyres in the wet.

neat triumph drag racer, white jet helmet and bubble visor looks good, the guy has the racer thousand yard stare thing going on too, not sure about the plaid socks and lace up brogues combo though, can't see that one appearing in "dice" magazine.

well cool japanese girl rocker with big katana, [what do you mean she hasn't got a sword?, it's behind her back].

very smart sporty cafe-racer, lose that 'forcewinder' air filter and put a s+s 4" bellmouth on it and it would be perfect.

kenny roberts, demon flat-track racer and world champion road racer, [bet he couldn't get past me and barse on that left-hander going into heanor though].