another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 25 July 2013

vintage motor cycle club, founders day, part two

so, here we go again, a load of photo's [just scratching the surface mind] of the bikes i'd like to take home with me, let me clarify, me and dangerous, barse and the boy's have a little game we play when we attend a rally, show, meeting, bike night, blah, blah, blah, obvious as it seems it's called ' ok, 'which bike would you take home with you?' well, here's my choice cut's from the weekend, from lambretta scooter, oh my, how cool does this man and his sweetheart look astride this beauty?, the little raleigh bicycle framed ducati engined 'cicco' moped from 1948? the norton p11 desert racers? the xt 500 rocking those teeny 17 inch rims to take advantage of modern rubber [like i've done on the sporty, doesn't it look right? but bollocks to that, when you see how far over he's had it on the road tyres, sometimes forsaking the the off-road, knobbly look pay's dividends and i bet this bloke doesn't give a shit because he's far too busy having a blast, the ducati superlight? i'm in love me, stunning, the harley sidevalves? [hate posting pictures of them but this pair have got it going on in my opinion, the ariel? norton commando in white? ural sidecar combo? vincents? [i love standing at shows and saying in a really loud voice 'that fucker would look great with a little mustang tank and ape-hangers' absolutely guaranteed to cause apoplexy in the majority of old duffer's standing fawning over these overpriced, poor excuses of a motorcycle] i'd rather have the 750/4 engined/bsa framed mongrel anyday, or the norton domi-racer or one of the flat-tank veterans, but, that's just me, that's the beauty of motorcycling, everyone has an opinion, for me, the afternoon was summed up by the bloke on the mz, i love these little two-stroke east german bikes, at first i thought he was in trouble as he sunk to his knee's and pawed at the grass, 'you ok mate?' i offered up, i seriously thought he was having a heart attack when i heard him cursing, 'oooh!, fucking fuck, bollocks, owww!' ' yeah, cause i'm, alright you twat!  i've just dropped my fucking ignition key in the grass and i'm fucked if i can see it............'