another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

saw the norton prototype at the donington norton day, i like the look of it but it's a bit like the new sportys in the fact that it appears to have been 'scaled up' and looks like a big bike, almost like the aprilia tuono or the new 1200 sportsters, i parked next to one at matlock and the newer bike looked big and cumbersome compared to the real-deal sporty, still, be good to have some competition for the new triumphs, i reckon they really have missed the boat with the 'new' bonneville especially with all the heritage available at their fingertips, yep, in my view the norton looks a better bike and i hope they can make a success of it.

not a brilliant photo, but another amazing street-tracker from the best bike builder in the world, mr richard pollock @ mule motorcycles, check out his website, if you are into good engineering and innovation this is the site for you.

japanese girl with big katana ,tattoo and her clothes have fallen off, shame.

i want this reg plate! how about all the kool old stuff in the back of the photo?, risers, white vintage grips, bendix carb, i'd swap it all for the reg plate.

another 'oh shit!' moment captured perfectly by the photographer, no wonder he's hit the brakes, [check out the brake lights], but you have to wonder how effective they are if you clock the parachute on the back, now i'm no expert, but i know that this machine is probably running highly flammable racing fuel, his engine has just exploded and he is accelerating violently away towards the horizon, that's got to get your attention hasn't it?