another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 23 July 2009

i think this may be the real deal, she isn't an actress because she is drawing her sword exactly as the first move of the muso shinden ryu kata, battojutso, literally 'the technique of sword drawing'.

this is what 'classic bike' should have done with their flatracker triumph project, they spent a fortune on it and it just don't work, this is lovely, check out the guys workshop too, i thought i was bad for making it comfortable but i could live in here.

check out the asymetric racing stripes on the beetle, reminds me of the chopper tank on the sporty, i think two broader stripes would have worked better rather than the three, it's a bit 'adidas' don't you think?

proper chopper, long forks, mile high sissy bar, skinny tyres, no front brake, real pan-head engine, hand change, pull back bars, lairy paint, class.

mike hailwood, 900ss supersport, isle of man tt races, 1978.

barse got me stoked about the uk flatrack and shortrack racing series this sunday at stoke, i've got to get over and see it for myself after his report of the buxton round a few weeks ago, this picture should give an idea of how close the racing gets, let's face it these riders look like the beast with two backs, cool.