another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 11 December 2009

had some work done today.

rage against the machine.

hotwheels. got this one in california, probably the bike buell should have built.

ben jones at 'second skin' tattoos, derby, me, having my chest panel finished, i took the photo, we just fuck about all the time, laughing, playing music on ben's i-pod, some really cool stuff on there and then on comes bon-jovi or wham or girls aloud and he is trying to turn it off or make some excuse about it, that's the beauty of an i-pod on shuffle, it reveals so much about you, don't make excuses for it, if you like it then bollocks to everybody else, that's the trouble with a lot of people, they say what they think you want them to say instead of being themselves.

hanya mask.

board track racing frog.

ernst degner on the factory suzuki, he defected from eastern germany with walter kaaden's secrets and sold them to the suzuki factory, read all about it in matt oxley's brilliant 'stealing speed' book.

gus. photo by jess.

can't find a copy of this book anywhere, must get a copy, any idea's where i can get one?