another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

nice metal racer model, 1930's by the unfortunately named 'manoil' model company

the durbahn ducati special, bare nekkid carbon, matt black paint, no race replica race paint here, just nasty fast performance, this is what batman should be riding.

carb. bellmouth. sticker.

suck-squeeze-bang-blow, carbs with bellmouths, you got to love them.

the classic danny lyon photo, 'crossing the ohio near louisville', this really is a powerful image, it may be a cliche, but, it does portray that feeling of, no, i can't say it,[freedom], that you can only get on a motorcycle, i'm really struggling to get this across, i feel pretty awkward about it, i hope you can 'get' what i'm trying to convey.