another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 17 July 2009

my sporty chop caught in reflection in my cromwell lid, photo by barse, barse has a way of capturing really good images, he has a natural feel for photography, no formal training, just an eye for a photo-oppurtunity, he has documented our rides, race meetings, hot rod do's, bike rallies, tea stops, laughs, gigs, projects, bikes, breakfasts, headbutts, tattoos and tears for almost twenty years, respect due.

kuniyoshi utagawa, 'the samurai'

britains model speedway rider, i had this when i was a kid, you got two riders and i can remember the day i got it, i was staying with my nan at the time and we went into derby on saturday morning, we did the normal shop and we went to ratcliffes toy shop on the spot to buy it, they didn't have any in stock so we went to the model shop on the old cockpitt hill market, they had them in stock and i parted with my birthday money, i can remember playing with them, racing both bikes against each other on my nan's sofa, the crashes became more and more spectacular and i broke the handlebar off one of the models, gutted, i haven't got them now but i'm following one on ebay at the minute, hope i can bag it.

xr 750 picture nicked off jeff's 'church of choppers' blog, what a machine, you have to be careful though, at the classic bike show last year, right outside the main hall, one of the vendors were trying to sell a xr750 look-a-like, it had an ironhead motor, pipes on the wrong side, single carb etc, it had the patina of an old racer, mud in the tyre tracks, stone chips on the forklegs and no lights but it was never a genuine xr750, guess what though?, it had gone by the end of the day, someone paid too much for it that's for sure.

bad-ass shovelhead, got to be japanese, love that flying swastika on the tank, you would never get away with that over here with the politically correct crew, of course in japanese culture the swastika symbol has a totally different meaning, it's known as the buddha's heart and is widely used as a symbol of good luck, it is also used in clothing, as a pattern on white wedding kimonos and is seen as an interlocking pattern known as 'sayagata', it was used as a religious symbol in islam, christianity and many other cultures around the world for thousands of years before the nazi's adopted it for their own.