another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 4 July 2010

barse and gordy turned up at mine at 1pm, off to the strong survive custom show at south wingfield, got lost, couldn't find it up and down, no signposts, we went past wingfield manor three times, pulled up to turn round and there's some dude who looks like he's still trying to find his way home from the castlemorton rave, barefoot, [bad move, they are just in the middle of gritting all the roads in derbyshire, fucking cheapskates, re-surface them properly], wearing an afghan hat, can of carlsberg and a dog-on-a-rope, i think of asking him directions but decide against it, back into 'wingfield
and stumble on the site, greetings from one of the founder members kev and his missus ange, park up and have a look around, like the supercharged 'b'king, isr controls, extended swing-arm, wavy discs and bling wheels, reminded me of the chicano street racers you see in los angeles, lots of nice details on it, the fasteners were all machined down and polished, the ducati had a certain 'something' going on, i'm sure this is an ex-chopper club bike, the old school shovel is one of those bikes that has been around forever, original old don blocksidge engraving on the heads and the 'if you value...' sticker a throw back to an almost forgotten age of british bike building, the norton, well, the norton was cool as fuck, bumped into midnight, he was looking rough after a night's partying with kev and the crew at the le-rock rally, i felt a bit deflated again with the whole scene, lots of 'individuals', identi-kit, goatee beard, heavy facial piercing and bad attitude people, we skinned out, onto the a6, ambergate, tea at the lay-by cafe, strong, big mug, plastic spoon, sitting on a dry stone wall and taking it all in.