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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

the loveless vinyl vault [a.k.a. skeletons in the cupboard]

the loveless vinyl vault [a.k.a skeletons in the cupboard]

so, i'm looking for something in the cupboard under the stair's where everyone hang's up their coat's, chuck's their shoes and what has become a dumping ground for anything that they can't be arsed to carry up stairs and put away properly, or, in my case, stuff that's not important enough to live in the shed with the bikes and tools, but, 'might just come in useful one day' i'm busy searching and i stumbled across a big box of vinyl albums that has somehow become misplaced from the main collection, [mr's b reckon's it was probably the aftermath of a drunken night spinning old soul records and dad-dancing in the lounge], here's a cracker from 1966 on the imperial imprint out of los angeles, danny wagner was a 'blue eyed' soul singer and this album, [which included the legendary barry white as part of his backing band 'the kindred spirit']showcased wagner's up-beat soul vocal, especially on the northern soul monster 'i lost a true love' [click the last photo to have a listen to the tune]