another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 6 October 2013

sandpaper kisses

so, i've sold the harley, still getting loads of call's about doing it, but, you know what? i actually feel really good about it, the world doesn't start and end with harley davidson, don't believe the hype, as a standard motorcycle they are sadly lacking, heavy, slow, shit brakes, don't handle, vibration inducing white finger, crude suspension, suspect finish, basic and slow, tweeked? a different kettle of fish all-together, the people fuck me off, i don't want to join you in a ride-out, show and shine or harley only rally, hog-roast, weener bobbing or 'trade in saturday', i'm a motorcyclist me, love all bikes, from the latest jappers to classic's, scooters, choppers and customs, cafe racers, streetfighters and race bikes, i spend all my hard-earned on them, every minute working, modifying, reading about them or racing them, what do we have in common? fuck all, motorcycles, a great blank canvas to stamp your individuality on, get over it, i'm glad i'm out of the rat-race me and for everyone who tell's me my bonnie isn't a 'proper' bonnie? it's made in england, what do you think owner's of harley side-valves were told when the knuckles came out?  panheads? the mark of the devil, shovelhead's? they'll never catch on, too modern, blockheads? [especially the fxr series so coveted by todays custom builders] get the fuck outta here! you know what? i was there, built and raced big ,70's / early 80's gs suzuki's and katana's, built a cb 750 sohc honda twin when you could still pick them up for peanuts, me and barse practically invented the bmw cut-down / cafe racer thing twenty years ago, yeah, i can back that up monkey boy, want to see my photo's? what were you doing? oh yeah, colouring pictures in primary school, don't ever tell me i've sold out, just to back it up, here's me on my old four-speed, santee framed rigid, fat tire's, 16 inch rims, no paint, cool-as-fuck sporty, yeah?  what you sayin' factory boyyyy?..........[i'm waiting, nah, still can't hear you....]