another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 31 August 2009

apehangers rule, nothing say's F.U. like a pair of apes canked forward, righteous.

what sort of animal can fill a container like this?, big up respect!

kenny coolbeth superstylin' - dangerous, barse and me went to mfn tonight, bank holiday monday and it was really quiet, bloke on a 749 duc nearly dropped it entering the carpark, how embarassing would that have been?, best bit was me and barse, foot down flat-track style round the left hander into heanor.

born a rocker, die a rocker.

moriwaki racer replica, i can remember seeing graham crosby wrestling one of these monsters around donington park in the early eighties, up against tz yamaha two strokes with fairings and then this nutter on what looked like a streetbike stuffing them, i like the 'open' look behind the engine where the airbox and battery normally would be, note also the added bracing triangulating the top shock mounting but what really seals it is the passenger seat strap emphasising the racer's street roots.

yeah, i know i've had photo's of this bike up before but just how cool is this? you just do not see fat-bob rear mudguards any more especially combined with standard triumph tank and monster apes, but, for me the best bit is the shotgun pipes going through the side-mounted numberplate, genius.

me and dangerous had a ride down to moto-forza the italian bike specialist based at silverstone race circuit on saturday, dangerous had a bee in his bonnett about trading the sport classic in for a superlight, the 900ss ducati special, luckily when we got there the bike was already sold, they made us a cup of tea and dave asked them to value his bike, "i could give you 3 and a half thousand for it2, which would mean that they would want £1500 + dangerous's bike for a 12 year old bike!, granted, it was a 2k mile bike but the tyres needed replacing, [would you fancy riding it with 12 year old rubber on it?], the belts would need replacing as would the rubber brake hoses adding up to another grand on the original price!, sorry, i know we are from derbyshire but even we could see that he was trying to have our pants down. dangerous is keeping his classic. stay tuned for the trackday, daytime mot special based on a 750ss like this one all for the same price as putting moto-forza's superlight back on the road.

Monday, 24 August 2009

i have no idea what this motorcycle is, [any ideas?], but i know it's one of the coolest things i've seen in a long time, proper dangerous, imagine reaching down to hand-shift and getting your fingers in that primary chain, yee-haw!!

art by john bell, my money's on the redhead, there's no way you can change gear properly wearing red high-heels.

i know it might be a bit early to mention xmas but i'm getting a letter off to santa pretty sharpish because i would really like a hot-dock 4 valve kit for my sportster, oh yes, i would love it.

hot-dock 4 valve sporty, really a very special motorcycle indeed.

japanese sporty built by 'hot dock', stunning bike, check out the engineering on this one.

auto union, the best looking racing car ever, six litres of supercharged beast producing 550bhp, [only equalled in the 80's by turbocharged formula one cars], all this on cross-ply tyres which would wheelspin at the ton, no powersteering and drum brakes, oh yeah, for protection you got a pair of white over-alls and a cork helmet.

ed 'ironman' kretz on a '38 indian racer.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

yeah, i know, not a japanese girl with a katana but a redhead with loads of attitude, cool.

me and dangerous called for fuel at melton today and i saw this headline from the local paper, fucking classic!

really cool streetbob at sycamore hd, nice bike.

out with dangerous on the ducati's today, barse texted me early doors to sort ride out and then had to miss out due to tyre problems with the sporty,down through kegworth on the a6, turn left at the lights, through zouch, pace getting quicker as the traffic evaporates and the road clears, down through rempstone to melton, roads are eerily deserted, making 'brisk' progress now, uppingham, 62 miles out and time for a brew, sometimes you just meet someone who has the same values, this guy bought a streetbob after having a few other harleys and decided to make it his own, big respect to someone who starts cutting up a year old bike, we talked about dice magazine and what was really nice, as dave said, was that he commented about our bikes and did'nt just slip into the cooler than thou thing, pleasure to meet you mate.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

my daughter jess at the rock and blues show a few years ago! kev and suz in the background. kool.

yeah, my chop.

shige. yellowblaze tattoo, japan.

pin-up girl, got that betty page thing going on, fringe, stockings, tattoos and chequer flags, high heels and long gloves, shame she's not japanese with a big sword, is it me or what?

'55 chevy gasser, bad ass, love the mag front wheels and steely's with half black/ half white paint job, body work is rough but i bet they spent all the money on the mill, velocity stacks give a clue of what lurks below, straight axle nastiness.

another ducati air-cooled concept bike, nice. me and dangerous are out tomorrow, we're doing the wymeswold, melton ,uppingham down to market harborough route, these roads were made for the ducati's, very technical, some bits super fast, some bumpy, off-camber slow bit's, great roads, no police, fuck matlock, they don't want us there, get out there and enjoy it while you can.

my mum was 80 on tuesday, 18th august, happy birthday mum, i love you.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

nice metal racer model, 1930's by the unfortunately named 'manoil' model company

the durbahn ducati special, bare nekkid carbon, matt black paint, no race replica race paint here, just nasty fast performance, this is what batman should be riding.

carb. bellmouth. sticker.

suck-squeeze-bang-blow, carbs with bellmouths, you got to love them.

the classic danny lyon photo, 'crossing the ohio near louisville', this really is a powerful image, it may be a cliche, but, it does portray that feeling of, no, i can't say it,[freedom], that you can only get on a motorcycle, i'm really struggling to get this across, i feel pretty awkward about it, i hope you can 'get' what i'm trying to convey.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

had a ride out on the sporty yesterday, up the a6, called in at the lion garage for fuel, you forget how good the a6 is, i hit it around 6pm, traffic light, no police, nice, tosser on a japper overtook me in 30 limit going through ambergate, soon caught him up and passed him on the left-hander near the layby, had to be careful, mr weekend warrior was threepenny-bit-in through the bends with his knee out, brand new leathers and brand new bike almost upright when i passed him, scruffy bastard in levis, cat boots and arai with dark visor on a sporty damaging his ego, thoughts of valentino rossi in his brain does not compute when i stick it up the outside of him sporty shaking it's head, wide bars giving it that wwwww, wwwwwobblly thing, he's history, straight through matlock, up past the garden centre at tansley, road deserted, on it now, listening to the bark of the supertrapps off the stone walls, past the rock and blues site and down to the excavator pub, i turn left instead of right and go through ripley, i see the sign for the red, white and blue bnp rally and hang a quick right, i need to check this out, police everywhere, they stare at me as i ride pass the "designated protest point", i look back at them anonymous behind my black visor and full faced arai helmet, the signs of protest are everywhere, broken bottles, ripped banners and rubbish line the road, the police are collecting the traffic cones up, i'm going home to play some soul music, what do the bnp play at their disco's?, no james brown, no sly and the family stone, no jungle, no motown, no northern soul, no marvin gaye, no four tops, no smokey robinson, no temptations, no specials or ska?, pam, let 'em have it baby!

the japanese, you have to love them, they make the best bikes in the world, they have more classic harleys than america, their custom bikes are better than ours, they have girls with big swords, their tattoos are great, they love punk rock and they have yakuza toys, brilliant!

early 900ss superlight, loads of work done to this, termi pipes, marchesini wheels, special belt covers and clutch cover, carbon front mudguard, nice bike for not much moola, it's on sale on one of the ducati forums for 1500 quid, makes you think don't it, neal came over today for a brew and he was certainly doing a lot of beard stroking over it.

betty paige, don't know if i mentioned it but she is gorgeous, you know, she really is gorgeous.

this is just so cool, xr750 sporty, don't know who the rider is but i love the 'death from above' riding stance, he's on it, dangerous!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ducati supersport concept bike, air cooled 1000cc ds engine, ally frame, radial brakes, moto gp style exhaust, classic ducati decal and formula 2 tt race paint, winner in my book, build it, fuck the emissions, the planet's doomed anyway.

girls really love the scent of the new mens fragrance, wd-40 pour homme, if you don't score when wearing this you can always spray some on your squeaking door hinges, clean tar stains of your exhaust pipes or use it to put your new renthal race grips on with, love it!

betty page, she really was gorgeous, sorry i know i'm sexist but she really was gorgeous. don't know if i've told you but she really was gorgeous.

beezer cafe racer, cooler than a cool thing in the freezer drawer in your fridge.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

norton flat track racer, i would love to get a blast down the a6 from buxton to bakewell on this, early sunday morning, have to watch the pipes on the right handers though.

played 'never mind the bollocks' tonight, you tend to flick past it when you are looking through the collection but i picked a handful of cd's out and when i saw the classic yellow cover instead of the cd 'spine' i just know i had to play pretty vacant, yeah, it still makes me feel like the kids in the photos 32 years on...'and we don't caaaaaaarrre!'

ducati 848 ncr special. lick.

Monday, 10 August 2009

sheer class.

norton manx engine, one of the most iconic motorcycle designs ever, been to a couple of classic race meetings this year and the sight and sound of these bikes being used in anger is a real delight so much better than a static display in some musty old museum or worse still in someone's private collection never seeing the light of day. i like the fact that the classic racing club allows modern day replica's to race against original bikes but loads the points in the favour of the original bikes, chain primary rather than belt drive, 19'' wheels rather than 17'' with their greater choice of race rubber and original engines versus the modern cnc machined cases, it all makes for some really close racing and the chance to see these bikes being used as they are supposed to be and that can only be a good thing.

it's gordy's birthday today, happy birthday mate from all the loveless crew!

1957 sportster campaigned by leo payne, by the mid-sixties it was a 9 second, nitro burning animal that won every race it entered, for payne even this was not enough and he set his sights on the bonneville salt flats, it was geared so that he had to be towed up to 75mph [holding onto a car door!], before firing it up and heading towards the timing lights, in 1970 he reached a new record for a non-streamliner motorcycle of 202.379 mph.

the famous sporty dragster 'turnip eater', built by leo payne to race the triumphs, check out the triumph style 'turnip' lettering.

Friday, 7 August 2009

rigid two stroke chopper, clip-on's, mag front wheel, spoke back wheel, rear-set footrests, no tank, no lights, no mudguards, sheer class.

don 'the snake' prudholme, he's got the racer thousand yard stare thing going on that's for sure, mint period photo.

bryan gregory of the cramps, i saw the cramps at the old ajanta club, [the former derby playhouse], my memory of the gig was the carpet squelching under foot with all the beer that had been spilt and the sheer, raw energy of the primitive beats that they laid down. they played the gig under full lights, i don't know why, perhaps it was so they could see the fret's on the guitar neck's?