another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 26 February 2010


classic racer, i reckon it's the best motorcycle magazine available, been up to worksop in the week to pick up 62 copies off a bloke who was selling them on e-bay, they are immaculate, all the stickers, posters and supplements included, felt sorry for him, he was 'downsizing', moving to a bungalow and his mr's said he had to get rid of his collection as they wouldn't have room in the new house, got chatting to him and he raced a 500 triumph back in the day, really nice bloke, he had loads of stories to tell but all i wanted to do was get home, it was snowing heavily, i was tired and i felt guilty that i didn't take up his offer of a brew, wasted opportunity, i'm a twat me, could have learnt a lot.

i really thought that i would make the brands hatch meeting in early march, perhaps snetterton at the end of march but realistically we are looking at pembrey, may bank holiday as the first race, i seriously underestimated the amount of funds, brain-power and time needed to build a racer, shake it down and make the necessary adjustments just to get it to run, never mind be competitive, instead of feeling sorry for myself and waiting for the powder-coating to come back so we could get a rolling chassis i decided to crack on with some of the job's which still need doing, junk the oil pump cover, bribe sue at works husband to raid the scrap bin for carbon-fibre off-cuts and make a new cover and.......

chop the ignition cover to make it into something a bit more presentable, the original, [ok it's not the original, it's got holes drilled in it and the cover has already been cut back and chamfered, i'm only human, i sometimes forget to take 'work in progress' shots if i get sucked into the project, sorry], heavy and ugly, [ and that's just the rider], needs some therapy, [and that's just the rider too], lets think about how we can make it lighter and better looking, [note to rider, diet, exercise, get my teeth whitened, sunbed, sharp suit, fuck me, i'm george michael].

cut the back of the ignition cover/gearbox sprocket cover back to the webbing which provides the weather protection to the ignition unit, clean up on the miller and dress with a file and wet and dry to finish, note chamfered cover.

the standard cover needs chamfering to allow greater ground clearance, cut the cover back to 21 degrees and re-weld, clean up with some wet and dry and fly cut the distorted 'mz' casting off the cover.

the hacked cover bolted up over the pvl ignition, going to cut a circle of carbon-fibre out and araldite it onto the cover to hide the cuts, the carbon gearbox sprocket cover needs drilling and a little more shaping to finish, might mill some slots across it too, it weighs a few grammes so no weight saving, just looks flash.