another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 19 July 2009

the cramps, seems to be perfect sunday night listening to me, it's been raining for about six hours non-stop, i haven't been out on the bike this weekend, my tattoo is peeling and itching like a bitch and i've got to get up at stupid-o-clock in the morning, only lux interior and poison ivy can sort you out at a time like this, remember kids, don't eat stuff off the sidewalk.

here's another blast from the past, another model fom the 'britains' series, the designers must have loved working on this one, bsa engine, upswept 2 into 4 mega's, apes, wicked seat climbing up the sissy-bar and what looks like an mz trophy front mudguard, [not fender, never, ever call it a fender], and as for the rider, he looks like justin hawkins out of the darkness, i bet the good citizens of st. albans were bricking it when this bad-ass road into town in his pink all in one flared jumpsuit, white croched cut-off and green boots, belt and headband combo, sheer class.

kuniyoshi utagawa. we went to the 'state of the art' tattoo convention at the assembly rooms in derby yesterday, i reckon £20 admission is a bit too steep to charge especially as you had to pay an extra £12 to get into the burleque show on top, trish and i gave that one a miss, i had a chat with my mate ben who was tattooing there and he reckoned they were down on numbers compared to last year, i think that you should be able to use your wristband for entry on the sunday too, let's face it not many people are going to shell out another twenty quid but if you could get in for free on the second day you just might spend some of the hard earned on a tattoo or on something off the stores and thats got to be good for the artists and vendors, i reckon they are being a bit greedy, be interesting to see if numbers are down next year both the public and the artists.

if theres one thing that i like more than japanese girls with tattoos, it's japanese girls with big swords, is it just me or what?

hard-launching willie's coupe, look at it sitting on the wheelie bar, mint.

evil looking katana, usd forks and what looks like a big swingarm out of a late model superbike but with twin shock mountings welded on, tri-oval yoshimura can, i think the wheels are marchesini's?, i like the fact that he has left the original long seat on, you often see kat's with a late model race seat to shorten the look of the bike but this looks a lot better, can't tell if the engine is the later tscc model or if he has just left the chrome covers off the cam ends, satin black paint looks the buisness too, nice.