another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 27 July 2009

'hatsuhana prays under a waterfall'
kuniyoshi utagawa

not had a hotrod post for a while so heres a cracker, the words 'low', 'loud' and 'fun' come to mind when i found this photo, the owner seems to have had a slight mishap and the blanking plate seems to have become detached from the flange on the end of the exhaust header pipe, how 'unfortunate'.

shige - 'red fudo'

very trick looking guzzi, the engine looks massive compared to what little of the frame there is, 17" marchesini superlight wheels, the exhaust looks interesting, conventional swept back downpipes leading into what looks like a cast aluminium collector/end-can, the double bubble screen suits the look of the bike and i really like the seat unit, that would look the business on my ducati.

xr750, love 'em.