another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 25 October 2013

post houmous

post shift, post holiday and post houmous, picked the bonneville up today, jack dropped me off after work, i'm hanging with a bad cold, [why do you always get a bad cold after a holiday?] fill in all the paperwork, start the bike and i'm away, initial thought's? fucking things very  heavy, front brake is shit, no feeling and very wooden, fork's need therapy, soft as fuck, even a slight tweak on the front brake see's them diving like a forest player, there's no power-band to speak of, no get up and go like an old bonny, [new bonnys are 61bhp, old bonnys 41 english ponies, but, on an original meriden twin there's that sweet spot after four and a half thousand arr-pee-emm where everything starts to make sense] the hinckley bonny? just a very linear torque curve, no kick in the pants yee-haw moment, soon get that sorted though with a pair of keihin flat slides, no airbox and a less restrictive exhaust, don't get me wrong, the bonny, in it's raw form, reminds me very much of a standard sporty, good fun but needing a little 'tweeking' to exploit it's potential, some of the cycle parts make me laugh out loud and riding it home has me chuckling inside my arai full-face, let's just say, rear end? [ooh-err missus] the indicators are camper than an elton john party, [but not as 'bro' as a ben jones run to matlock on cookie-cutter harley 'hell yeah fuckin' davison's [sic]  T.M. please note, mis-using your H.D. Moto-sickle. [T.M.] may result in serious injury or DEATH!' the back-end need's sorting, likewise the front end, softer than stuart hall's defence council, the indicator's, [turn signals for you yank's] remind me of princess di's earring's, the footpegs? rider and passenger? toss, need some light-weight ally doo-dad's turning up, likewise the front sprocket cover a.k.a pre-unit gearbox fooled 'ya! item, at least the fucking horrible 'air-injection unit' has been blanked off and replaced, it's not all moans though, for what i paid for this genuine, one owner, full service history bike? let's just say peanuts, two weeks holiday in florida and a bike? result, ok, it needs kicking into shape but i'm not afraid of a bit of hard work me........[and it's british racing green, yep, british racing green, wot you sayin?]

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

goodbye america

 fourteen day's gone in a flash, home to dear old blighty, can't be sitting about in the sunshine, dossing on the beach and pissing about in busch gardens riding roller coasters and eating ice-cream, life's too short for that, glad i'm home, america? your company has been pretty average, cheap gas, cold beer, great chocolate, [i love them hershey bars me], sunshine, friendly people, fuck that, get me back to england, rudeness, bad attitudes, cold, rain and low clouds, you don't know what your'e  missing until you get home........

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Are you going to be there? (At the Love-In)

Here's my pick, for what it's worth of my favourite cars from the show at BayFest this weekend, the Bentley? Brilliant, a British car in a sea of shit old Yank iron, owned by Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame, don't know if he lives on AMI, I guess he must, otherwise his motor wouldn't be here, a truly beautiful car, made me want to take my shirt off and start shouting, 'who you looking at you mug! Engerlannd, Engerlannd, Engerlaaand, let's fucking 'ave it! Boston Tea Party? Stitch that you c...' Yes, the Coupe is fibreglass, problem? Not in my book daddyo, a really well put together rod, attention to detail and not pretending to be anything it isn't, so it isn't steel, get over it, the workmanship and finish was second to none, I love the cream steel wheels, all to easy to just slap a set of polished aluminium rims on and ruin it, very nice sir, very nice indeed, the Ford Galaxie, yes please, a personal favourite of mine 'you take the fish, I'll take the bowl, you take the dishes, while your at it take my soul, but things aren't so bad, cause I got the galaxy 500.... Yeeeee Haawww!' So, that just leaves the Dodge Super-Bee, I admit it, I almost wet myself when I saw this car, I have never seen one before in the flesh, The term Muscle Car is often over used, not in this case, oh my giddy Aunt..........

Location:Next to the pool, overlooking the lake.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

I'm a stranger here

BayFest 2013 today, Anna Maria Island, saw the adverts for this last weekend and decided to have a nose-bag, parking wasn't a problem if you didn't mind walking a couple of hundred yards, no problem for us poor English people, we have to walk everywhere, mostly barefoot, (unless you can find a couple of slices of old stale bread to duct-tape to your feet as we can't afford shoes), but, something which our host's seem to struggle with for some reason, anyhoo, BayFest, they close off the Main Street and you are free to wander, artisan stalls selling everything from hippy-chic jewellery, art and paintings, street food, t-shirts and the ever present time share realty stall, 'hi folk's! We have lots of freebies today, we just need you to spend half your vacation drinking cheap piss sparkling wine and listening to our sales spiel while we batter you into submission' (ok, the opening statement is real, the latter part is me slipping into cynicism) I push my Oakleys up onto my fat, red, forehead, look her square in the eye and tell her 'I'm sorry, I don't like it here, why would I want to buy a house here?' She's literally stunned, she doesn't know what to say, result! Mrs B says I'm rude, I don't think I am, I mean, I didn't start it,I didn't wander up to her and tell her what I was going to do to the Bonneville or the Ducati over winter, I just want to wander around and soak it all up, listen to the bands on stage, look at the classic cars, (here's a few, I'm saving the best) and spend time with my family, not listening to some English ex-pat trying to sell me stuff, fuck off to Benidorm love, you might not get 'insulted' over there.
Anna Maria Island is a charming place, pastel coloured, seaside houses, a Bohemian vibe, sea shells and flip-flops, sunshine and Tiki bars, palm trees and the slight waft of coconut oil and patchouli in the air, a heady concoction, just another shitty day in Paradise I guess, if you dig just a little deeper you get the true picture, I always pick up a local newspaper on my travels, forget the tourist information hand-out's, the local press is where it's at, the Anna Maria Island 'Sun' (please excuse Brit's guffawing loudly here, 'The Sun' National paper is a turgid piece of shit in 'our' country) the Anna Maria Sun has correspondence from the locals about tourists parking on the Island, excuse me? Your economy is almost 100 percent based on income generated by tourists who want to experience the beauty of the Gulf Coast and you are bitching and moaning about visitors? I'm sorry but that doesn't quite add up, do the math, I also picked up the local Bradenton Herald paper, front page? 'Island Auto may have to move off AMI' after forty years the Rickerson family business are being forced out of their premises, why? Well, the lease will not be renewed even though they have offered to pay double the monthly rent, with property value soaring and the value of the garage being close to a million dollars, ummm, let me think about this one, fight the power Island Auto, You gotta fight the power that be......

Location:Gulf Drive