another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 30 July 2009

not a japanese girl, but big katana and bonus hot rod [but no tattoos, boo-hiss]

shige- peony cat, great art work from the japanese tattoo master, look closely.

puffball, probably the worse name for a band ever, but, good music and a great cover featuring the sox and martin plymouth barracuda from 1968.

i like bsa's, there's just something about them, this one is particularly nice, cut down open primary, low clip-on's, lovely seat, drum brakes, drilled torque arm, no front mudguard, a real mash-up of styles.

topolino dragster at the famous 'lions dragstrip' early '60's, that's a BIG engine in there, he's got motorcycle wheels with no brakes and white header pipes, check the driver, i reckon he's fainted with all the power, mint.

barry sheene, check out the donald duck sticker on helmet and the stars and bars peace sign on his leathers, fashion icon.

topolino dragster, based on the fiat 'topolino', cragar wheels, no front brakes, big v8 engine,no doors, [climb in through the roof], long velocity stacks down onto downdraft carbs, short wheel base+big engine=scary!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

timmy loveless and gordy, rock and blues, 2004, 'i'm livin' in a box, i'm livin' in a cardboard box.................'

timmy loveless and gordy, shires show, shropshire, 2004. [thanks for the photo barse, abk eng blog]

dangerous. donington park, norton day.

road sign in venice beach, los angeles, we had been down to the venice boardwalk to check out the heads, freaks, street artists, prostitutes, hip-hoppers break dancers, skateboarders, [venice is home to the famous z boys of lords of dogtown fame] it was a funny day, the wind was blowing off the shore and out to sea, whipping up the white sand and eddying in mini-tornadoes across the deserted beach, mid-week is the best time to visit venice, it's a lot more chilled out than the weekends, it was a cool wind especially after the morning spent in the farmers market in neighbouring santa monica just up the coast, we were walking back to the car and i glanced up at this sign with it's combination of band, skateboard and jesus stickers and it just seemed to capture the day......................................

bevel drive ducati 750ss racer at donington norton day, absolutely stunning bike, check out the glass bevel covers, clear 'fuel strip' in the tank so you can keep a visual on fuel levels, like the little mega held on with springs and the brown suede seat, nice.

commando racer from the recent norton day at donington park, drilled engine plates, belt primary and the paint worked for me.

sidecar outfit, 'speedstar' available from habitat for the considerable sum of £35! i like it but would prefer the old combination from 'britains' that they put out in the late 60's/early 70's, bet you could get one for less than £35 too.

ace little sidecar combination from 'britains'

Monday, 27 July 2009

'hatsuhana prays under a waterfall'
kuniyoshi utagawa

not had a hotrod post for a while so heres a cracker, the words 'low', 'loud' and 'fun' come to mind when i found this photo, the owner seems to have had a slight mishap and the blanking plate seems to have become detached from the flange on the end of the exhaust header pipe, how 'unfortunate'.

shige - 'red fudo'

very trick looking guzzi, the engine looks massive compared to what little of the frame there is, 17" marchesini superlight wheels, the exhaust looks interesting, conventional swept back downpipes leading into what looks like a cast aluminium collector/end-can, the double bubble screen suits the look of the bike and i really like the seat unit, that would look the business on my ducati.

xr750, love 'em.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

japanese girl with katana.

nick came over today, we spent a really enjoyable few hours drinking tea, talking bikes and punk rock, nicks lent me a couple of books, 'burning britain' and 'the day the country died', i'm afraid i'm going to be in trouble with trish, she's manning the swine-flu emergency centre in alfreton and i'm sitting reading about the history of anarcho punk rock from 1980 to 1984!, dave sorted the helicoil out in nick's marzzochi yokes, can't wait to see it finished, m.e.k. i'm never without a tin, great stuff for de-greasing parts and if times are hard and you can't afford a bottle of vodka........................................

had a four and a half hour session on my tattoo friday, ben was on a mission, i nearly cancelled, had a bitch of a week, felt ill and really tired, as soon as he started tattooing it lifted my mood, the endorphins kicked in and we played the who on his i-pod speakers, drank tea and talked about everything from politics to food, he has just shelled out on a book by shige from yellow-blaze tattoo in hiroshima, japan, heres one of his paintings, a hanya mask.

ducati sport classic special, i'm digging the matt black zard exhaust, wavy discs, gold wheel rims and no cam belt covers, went out with dangerous saturday, up to mansfield, 617 to newark then back along the 616, totally deserted, nothing on the road, fast, technical road all the way up to junction 30, dropped into hollywood, sorry i mean harleyworld at chesterfield for a tea, mingling with the sad bastards buying t shirts, over to the railway cafe for more tea, toasted tea cakes and a browse at the books, fast ride up froggatt edge, dangerous stomps away uphill with the torque from the bigger engine, my 750 no match for 1000 twin-spark, down into matlock, hoping to see some of the bikes from the rock and blues, same old, same old, row after row of bog-stock jappers and harleys and tatty reliant and vw trikes, boring, what's a matter with you? you don't need to spend a fortune to get a different bike, just give a little thought and time to it, back around carso reservoir and revenge on the hulland to quarndon road, i'm on it at muggington to weston-underwood, the little 750 revving harder and dangerous hates the off-cambers as you drop down past the quarry, 30mph through weston, even though it's a 40 limit and it's personal as we accelerate away towards kedleston hall, through the fast left-right-left uphill section, the double apex right by the farm and i'm late on the brakes into the tight right in the trees before the roller coaster fast downhill past kedleston hall, as i crest the sharp rise near the golf club the 750 goes light on the front end and dangerous is gaining fast, into the slight right left combo and then the superfast left that goes on forever, dangerous is too wide, he's going to have to back off, i've got the line, theres only one line through that corner, up to the 't ' junction, hard on the brakes, front end dipping, back end light, victory is mine.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

i think this may be the real deal, she isn't an actress because she is drawing her sword exactly as the first move of the muso shinden ryu kata, battojutso, literally 'the technique of sword drawing'.

this is what 'classic bike' should have done with their flatracker triumph project, they spent a fortune on it and it just don't work, this is lovely, check out the guys workshop too, i thought i was bad for making it comfortable but i could live in here.

check out the asymetric racing stripes on the beetle, reminds me of the chopper tank on the sporty, i think two broader stripes would have worked better rather than the three, it's a bit 'adidas' don't you think?

proper chopper, long forks, mile high sissy bar, skinny tyres, no front brake, real pan-head engine, hand change, pull back bars, lairy paint, class.

mike hailwood, 900ss supersport, isle of man tt races, 1978.

barse got me stoked about the uk flatrack and shortrack racing series this sunday at stoke, i've got to get over and see it for myself after his report of the buxton round a few weeks ago, this picture should give an idea of how close the racing gets, let's face it these riders look like the beast with two backs, cool.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

kuniyoshi - girl with sword.

dead japanese girl with big katana.


sportster cafe racer, monoshock conversion, upside downers, three spoke 17's, oil tank in seat, brown seat, supertrapp header pipes, fucking cool.

since jess sent me the mexican artwork i have been having a look for more images and came across this little gem, this is for you jessica b.

ncr 'mike hailwood' racer, they wanted to race at this year's tt races but the authorities kicked them out because they thought the titanium frame wasn't up to the stress of racing the mountain cicuit, shame really, i would have loved to have seen this big ducati at the scene of one of the greatest racing comebacks in history, mike hailwood's 1978 tt victory on a 900ss supersport

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

japanese girl with big katana.

kuniyoshi, 'nikko danjo'

wicked little sporty, ironhead with standard frame, bolt-on hardtail, drum brake, shorty forks, bates headlight, nice pipes and luftwaffe grey paintwork, really smart, bet it's japanese.

jess, my daughter, is doing a project in art and design at school based on a mexican coffee shop, she has been researching popular mexican imagery and one of the most prolific is the 'day of the dead' festival where the spirit of loved one's is remembered, she found this cool image and sent me a copy.

i found this disc in a charity shop in derby, i always look through the books to see if i can find any obscure karate/bike/hotrod books and i very rarely look through the cd rack as, from bitter experience, they are always full of dross because the totally anal record collecting bastards, who go around all the charity shops every day beat me to it and then i uncovered this little gem, to be honest, i paid the 50p for the cover alone, when i got it home i dropped it on in the shed and was delighted to find swedish punk/metal making my day, you know your'e onto a winner when the tracklisting contains 'motorpsycho', blown to bits', 'petroleum', 'zippo queen' and crackhouse bonanza', recommended.

'britains' sprinter, don't know what bike it's based on but looks like the 'mighty mouse' vincent engined drag bike, lovely little thing.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

the cramps, seems to be perfect sunday night listening to me, it's been raining for about six hours non-stop, i haven't been out on the bike this weekend, my tattoo is peeling and itching like a bitch and i've got to get up at stupid-o-clock in the morning, only lux interior and poison ivy can sort you out at a time like this, remember kids, don't eat stuff off the sidewalk.

here's another blast from the past, another model fom the 'britains' series, the designers must have loved working on this one, bsa engine, upswept 2 into 4 mega's, apes, wicked seat climbing up the sissy-bar and what looks like an mz trophy front mudguard, [not fender, never, ever call it a fender], and as for the rider, he looks like justin hawkins out of the darkness, i bet the good citizens of st. albans were bricking it when this bad-ass road into town in his pink all in one flared jumpsuit, white croched cut-off and green boots, belt and headband combo, sheer class.

kuniyoshi utagawa. we went to the 'state of the art' tattoo convention at the assembly rooms in derby yesterday, i reckon £20 admission is a bit too steep to charge especially as you had to pay an extra £12 to get into the burleque show on top, trish and i gave that one a miss, i had a chat with my mate ben who was tattooing there and he reckoned they were down on numbers compared to last year, i think that you should be able to use your wristband for entry on the sunday too, let's face it not many people are going to shell out another twenty quid but if you could get in for free on the second day you just might spend some of the hard earned on a tattoo or on something off the stores and thats got to be good for the artists and vendors, i reckon they are being a bit greedy, be interesting to see if numbers are down next year both the public and the artists.

if theres one thing that i like more than japanese girls with tattoos, it's japanese girls with big swords, is it just me or what?

hard-launching willie's coupe, look at it sitting on the wheelie bar, mint.

evil looking katana, usd forks and what looks like a big swingarm out of a late model superbike but with twin shock mountings welded on, tri-oval yoshimura can, i think the wheels are marchesini's?, i like the fact that he has left the original long seat on, you often see kat's with a late model race seat to shorten the look of the bike but this looks a lot better, can't tell if the engine is the later tscc model or if he has just left the chrome covers off the cam ends, satin black paint looks the buisness too, nice.

Friday, 17 July 2009

my sporty chop caught in reflection in my cromwell lid, photo by barse, barse has a way of capturing really good images, he has a natural feel for photography, no formal training, just an eye for a photo-oppurtunity, he has documented our rides, race meetings, hot rod do's, bike rallies, tea stops, laughs, gigs, projects, bikes, breakfasts, headbutts, tattoos and tears for almost twenty years, respect due.

kuniyoshi utagawa, 'the samurai'