another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 25 June 2009

the clash, "when you lot get out
we're gonna hit the town,
we will burn it fucking down,
to a cinder! stay free.

ducati special, 1000ds motor, one-off frame, 750/900ss fairing, triple 9 tank and seat unit, love it.

harley davidson with ducati desmo heads, don't know what's happening with the pushrod tubes on the rear cylinder?, surely you can ditch those as valves are being operated by the belts?, could be oil feed to top-end?, any ideas?

this was a really nice little model funny car with hinged body revealing the frame, engine and the same driver as in the organ grinder model!

back into the toy box for this little gem from '71, the gloworm ford capri.

lovely vintage picture of indian racer, possible salt-flats?
comet cyclone gasser, 427cu inch engine, squint and it could almost be a vauxhall viva, what you saying?