another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

i used to follow a blog by a bloke called mark dicker called 'weird old bikes' which chronicled mark's adventures travelling on his collection of east german motorcycles around the country, his mechanical disasters and some of the character's who he met on the way, all good stuff, i was shocked to find out that he had passed away in november as a result of a heart attack, i left a condolence message which was picked up by one of his friend's who has contacted me to let me know that they are continuing his blog under the title 'more weird old bikes', they are currently sorting out his estate for his family, i hope they don't mind me sharing this picture of a tea tray that they found in his collection, i love this, brilliant piece of east german nostalgia, good luck with the blog lad's, keep posting.

 next step on the front pulley cover was to mark it out for some slots milled across the face, i found the centre of the new sprocket and scribed a circle the same size on the outside of the casting, bit of a fiddle to set it up square on the miller bed as the cover is convex so i had to pack it up with a couple of bit's of aluminium stock, dangerous made short work of milling the slots but i had not given the cast webbing on the inside of the cover a thought, [top photo], i dropped the cover on the bike and it looked odd where we could see the webbing behind the milled slots, only one thing to do, reverse the cover and mill out the webbing, easier said than done and with hindsight it would have been easier to do this first, [bottom photo], then mill out the slots, we had to use a very small end mill which leaves a lot of hand finishing to do but i reckon it will look pretty trick when it's done.