another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 29 June 2009

painting your wheel rims red, white handlebar grips and matt black paint on your twin-cam is not old school no matter how much you try and convince yourself, this is old school, ironhead sporty in goosenecked frame, swingarm and strutted, moulded tank and rear mudguard, lovely digger stylee motorcycle, plus, check me out, dirty 501's, tucked in print shirt, leather cutoff, metal god blow dried hair and mexican porn star moustache, that's old school and it's proper.

one for barson.

give up. check out the blog. stunning artwork.

here's one from the past, [courtesy of barse @ abk blog], nick, [on right] and timmy loveless pouring over nick's hardtail kawasaki, we had been down to phil pipers show down in leicestershire and we were on the way home when nicks recently finished chop developed one of those really annoying 'starts ok, run's for half-a-mile and cut's out bastard!' faults, by this time we didn't even take our helmets off but just crouched down and swore a lot. that's my bmw cafe racer in the background, tuned by jim cray, it flew, got a letter off some guy in france recently who had bought it.

went to the peaks ncc show yesterday, it was ok but nothing really fired me up, met up with nick, [he filled me in with a progress report on the guzzi project], went to the countrywide cafe with dave for tea and toasted teacakes and picked a bargain 'taschen' book up by h.r. giger, he's the bloke who is famous for his bio-mechanical art work, [he designed the 'alien' monsters and film sets]. dug out some vinyl and found the crass album, you know, it still sounds angry after all these years, i've always loved their logo, you used to see it on a thousand leather jackets at punk gigs, never had it on one of mine though i wish i had done.