another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 11 September 2009

the mc5, "kick out the jams motherfuckers", awesome.

e.j. potter, "the michigan madman"

ducati desmodicici rr.

neil at cornerspeed working on the desmodicici rr, the gold engine cases are magnesium, every fastener on the bike is titanium, the rear wheel is a 16" with specialy made bridgestone bt016 tyre, the front is a conventional 17", the black heat guard on the top of the seat unit where the exhaust exits is made from the same material as the tiles on the space shuttle, this bike really is exotica.

desmo rr at cornerspeed, the gap between the headlights is a straight inlet tract to the airbox, ohlins gold nitrated gas forks.

ducati desmodicici rr, £43,ooo to you sir, but that does full warranty and servicing for three years, called in at cornerspeed ducati shop and neil was working on one, he had the tank and fairing off and are they ever a fantastic piece of engineering, all the bodywork is autoclave carbon fibre, the finish on the unpainted side of the panels is lush, [shame to cover it with paint really], the seat unit has no subframe underneath, it's a monocoque carbon fibre item which bolts to the frame, or what little of what you could call a frame and carries the exhausts, the engine is a stressed member and the rear suspension bolts directly to the back of it to reduce the bikes length, the whole bike is tiny, about the same size as a 250, if you get the chance to see one have a good look as there's enough to keep the most jaded motorcycle enthusiast happy for hours studying the incredible engineering and attention to detail.