another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 10 October 2014

ducati track bike project

so, back to work, from 90 degrees, sunshine and good times back to the 0500 get-up's, dark, cold and wet, the daily slog, necessary to pay the mortgage, the bill's and all the other everyday bollocks, time also to get back to work on the ducati project, i spend the next few evenings stripping the bike down to almost component parts and discover some horrors on the way, the previous owner had positioned the bike very carefully when i went to inspect it, hard up against his parked car and the front wheel carefully placed so that the horrible tyre iron rash to the front rim was hidden, stripping the bodywork and tank revealed more insights into a tale of total bodgery and neglect, the amateur repair to the seat mounting on the rear rail, rat-shit welded bracket, the corners not even filed to prevent injury, the mounting hole drilled like a threepenny bit, the rear shock, i knew it was bad from my ride home but what i discovered shocked me, the adjusters must have been hammered round with a screwdriver and the bump-stop rubber was totally shagged from the shock not actually absorbing anything and just bottoming out on the bump-stop, the bike reek's of general neglect and ham-fistedness, filthy, unloved and a proper shed. it can't get any worse, don't worry little ducati, we can rescue you and you will be the belle of the ball, first thing to sort is the pig-ugly rear frame rails, 'nurse, pass me the hacksaw...........'