another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

night games, when you are on your way home after work and you really can't be bothered to go , but you have a season ticket and well, after saturdays result against palace you never know, home tonight against middlesborough, they are a stiffer proposition altogether, when they go one-nil up just before half time you can see the fan's faces drop, here we go again, shaun barker pop's up at the far post to head the equaliser in injury time, second half kicks off and the rams come out firing and batter 'boro all over the park, kris commons makes amends for his penalty miss in the first half and scores two great goals, derby 3- boro 1, bag of chips on the walk home, sorted.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

vinyl, 7" northern soul singles, in this age of cd and digital music you tend to forget about the vinyl stash hidden away in boxes in a wardrobe, over 500 rare soul gem's, i dug a couple of boxes out this afternoon and as i flicked through them i could still remember where i bought most of them from, all-nighter's, mail order from 'black music' or 'blues and soul', [old school, postal orders sent off in an envelope, no internet, amazon or i-tunes], trading records with mates or one of those heart skipping-a-beat moments when you found a gem in a junk-shop or record shop who weren't too savvy on a day trip 'dahn souf', sitting on some cold railway station waiting for a train to get you to a 'niter or to get you home in a morning after a night of amphetamine fueled dancing, try as you might, you can't 'download' that......
me on motors tv, bought an old mz last november, lot's of time in the shed making stuff and fettling it, got my acu licence, entered two race meetings after a trackday in july, no other experience of racing and i'm on the bloody telly on a thursday night, what's all that about then?
sorted the carb out using our original carb and parts of des's spare, araldited new breather tubes into the top of the float bowl and also cut down rubber carb manifold so carb sits closer to the barrel, i think that the fuel / oil mix that has been blowing back from the carb has been 'pooling' in the space between the carb and manifold because the rubber is too long.
removed the big engine spacer from the top engine mount to lift the motor in the frame, this raises the centre of gravity a little but we can cut the original engine mounting bolt down by 25mm which gives a better run for the throttle cable into the top of the carb, the engine also sits higher in the frame which gives a better chain run, before the chain was catching the swing-arm near to the swing-arm pivot due to the angle of the motor.

mark two exhaust hanger, changed original position from top shock mounting bolt further towards centre of stinger chamber to try and damp out exhaust killing vibration.
expansion chamber needs remounting to stop the vibration breaking it again, gone for the old dodge of a mini rubber bush mounted off a new hole in the seat rail between the shock mounting and the crash bung, the original aluminium strut is now too short so i dug an old ikea curtain rail out of the scrap bin, squashed the ends in the vice, drilled it 6mm clearance and bolted it up.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

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saturday, autumn is really here, get the bus into derby, grab a cob at bird's, down to the stuart hotel, couple of pints, watch the man city vs chelsea match, meet up with nick and jim, down to pride park for the game, derby v palace, we are 2-nil up at half time, derby dominate the game, bywater our 'keeper is suffering from hyperthermia at the end of the match, he has that little to do, we win five-nil, back to the 'vic for a pint, meet the new landlord, clint has had over a hundred boozers before so he know's the crack, nice bloke, glad that the vic has survived, proper.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

wednesday night, aware that autumn is on the way, the night's are drawing in and the tax on the sporty runs out at the end of the month, i've been so focused on the racer that i need to get out on the road and have a ride, home from work, walk the boys and drag the sporty out of the shed, i'm going on my own tonight, if i go out with dangerous we always end up racing, if i go out with barse we end up standing on the peg's, bumping each other's back tyres and acting like juvenile hooligan's, i head up the other side of carsington reservoir, away from the usual tourist haunts, through the blackwell plantation and stop to take in the view, love it up here, no-one about at this time of day, i head into wirksworth on an unclassified road and spy what look's like a big, standing stone in a field, i stop the bike, climb over the gate and make my way to the huge, slab of limestone, it's very phallus like standing proud in the empty field, i've spent hours looking around the prehistoric sites in derbyshire but this is a new one on me, brilliant, i turn off towards turnditch, the grass is growing through the road surface here, i get my camera out and start the bike, riding along, taking stupid photo's on the move and laughing to myself like a madman, i like this time of year, summer's gone but there's a feeling that everything is good.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

des davies, #42.

saturday night, bottle of budweiser, craig charles funk and soul show on radio six and barse has dropped my expanny pipe off after chris w. has applied some welding alchemy to it, pipes repaired and strengthened with fillet pieces, lovely job, thank's lad's.

0535 hours, driving into work, i hate working saturdays........

0550 hours, dawn over pride park stadium, derby,

maccee-dee's hash brown, egg mcmuffin and a brew.

1352 hours, the weekend starts here.

Friday, 17 September 2010

sitting in the shed friday night, headphones on, glass of merlot in hand, deftones 'white pony' on i-pod, i'm staring at the empty space where my ducati used to stand, wedged between the milling machine and the sporty, i never really liked red bikes anyway.........

Thursday, 16 September 2010

been busy with the racer, built carb up out of parts from two carbs, had big problems at snett with the bike blowing fuel/oil mix all over the back tyre, dodgy as, we failed scrutineering at snetterton, got the chief scrute and he had to find something wrong with our bike, 'footpegs are too square, they should have radius ends", i had to buy a pair of pegs for twenty-quid to be able to race, £20 for a pair of shit-mass-produced pegs that we could have made in ten minutes, i took them off as soon as i got back and drilled the end of my homemade pegs, mixed up some araldite rapid and bonded in a couple of nylon sliders.

wonga, cash, readies, folding, filthy lucre, dosh, wad, dough, a dirty envelope with two grand in it in exchange for my ducati, a grand to mrs b for 'wife tax' leaves me with a g to fund the racer, two bikes gone in a week, i'm feeling wounded.......

Sunday, 12 September 2010

two-strokes, love 'em, totally anti-social, fast, noisy, smelly and in your face, the two-wheel equivalent of punk, [yep, i admit it, this picture is where i got my idea for the rearsets and the exhaust on the 'zed racer project].

love it, love it, love it, sporty racer, not too sure about that front tyre though.

Friday, 10 September 2010

yeah, i know, it's really self-indulgent but i love this photo, i'm not in the same league as andy saunders, clarky, nick, giles, chris, nige and my mentor des '#42' davies, nevermind the other 30 lads in the 'zedder's starting line-up, i'm out there with them though and i'm having a go, i'm learning something each race and i'm pushing my boundaries and at the end of the day thats what it's all about.

friday afternoon and i have a session booked with ben, [the world's most handsome man and spiderman look-a-like], i'm due in at two pm but get a text to let me know he's had a massive four hour no-show, i'm there for 1.30 and straight down to work on my dragon piece down my right ribs, we break at three for a chunky kit-kat and brew, stevie marsh turns up, cue massive piss taking session and another two hours of solid tattoing, it's flying in today, we break at 5 for another brew and steve spy's my 'high octane' tee-shirt, that's his belly tattoo sorted then, [note to ben, you had better get some more ink ordered mate, you're going to need it tattooing that fat bastard!], two more hours and we call it a day, another amazing piece of work and a great afternoon with two good friends.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

cracking beemer cafe racer, monoshock conversion is very smart, where's he hid the battery though? nipped over to see barse the other night to drop my broken expansion chamber off for chrissy w to work his welding alchemy on, trying to get the bike ready for the classic racer track day at cadwell early next month, even though our season is over i wouldn't mind getting a few hours more practice in before the winter shutdown, i've also had to let the yam sr500 project go, i just haven't got the time or money to do anything with it, shame, i know i'm going to regret in the future.

snetterton, 4th and 5th september.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

guy martin, nipping down the shop on his 'girly' sportster for some teabags.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

snetterton, four races, four finishes, knocked 5 seconds off my lap times, finished in last place every race, not my fault that people crashed, broke down or pulled out, i kept going, got another two signatures on my licence and had some great races, i broke my bike twice, the floats vibrated off, i've sprung a major leak and my stinger can has snapped off, i've seen the other side, i've rode harder than i have ever rode in my life, one of the greatest things was the marshalls applauding me after the last race, i think they knew how much it meant to me, thank you.