another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 16 September 2010

wonga, cash, readies, folding, filthy lucre, dosh, wad, dough, a dirty envelope with two grand in it in exchange for my ducati, a grand to mrs b for 'wife tax' leaves me with a g to fund the racer, two bikes gone in a week, i'm feeling wounded.......


  1. selling of bikes is a bit like a forest fire total devastation and then after a while green shoots .it that too deep ?

  2. Yeah i feel yer pain mate...i hate selling stuff, thats why i have too much crap..!!! :)

  3. thank's for that boy's glad you understand, i hated to sell the duc but i really want to get a full season racing in next year and there's no way i can afford to have the duc sitting in the shed just looking pretty when i need to spend on van hire, entry fee's and diesel nevermind trying to get the cash together for a spare engine and repairs.