another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 30 July 2009

not a japanese girl, but big katana and bonus hot rod [but no tattoos, boo-hiss]

shige- peony cat, great art work from the japanese tattoo master, look closely.

puffball, probably the worse name for a band ever, but, good music and a great cover featuring the sox and martin plymouth barracuda from 1968.

i like bsa's, there's just something about them, this one is particularly nice, cut down open primary, low clip-on's, lovely seat, drum brakes, drilled torque arm, no front mudguard, a real mash-up of styles.

topolino dragster at the famous 'lions dragstrip' early '60's, that's a BIG engine in there, he's got motorcycle wheels with no brakes and white header pipes, check the driver, i reckon he's fainted with all the power, mint.

barry sheene, check out the donald duck sticker on helmet and the stars and bars peace sign on his leathers, fashion icon.

topolino dragster, based on the fiat 'topolino', cragar wheels, no front brakes, big v8 engine,no doors, [climb in through the roof], long velocity stacks down onto downdraft carbs, short wheel base+big engine=scary!