another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 August 2010

first match of the season, away to dirty leeds, so much history between the clubs, the now infamous 44 day clough reign, the hatred between clough and revie, the franny lee and norman hunter punch up that started on the pitch and continued in the tunnel in full view of the television camera's i can remember standing on the terraces at the baseball ground and the leeds fans throwing nuts and bolts at us, the first
away match i took my son to was leeds away, first game of the season like today, that was a draw, today we beat them 2-1, i'm sure wherever brian is he would have been relishing the win over dirty leeds, especially as his son is now our manager, oh yeah, another thing, forest lost and the brian clough way 'linking derby and nottingham' signs?, we don't want to be linked with those wankers! 'when your'e tired and weary, your heart will skip a beat, you'll get your fuckin' head kicked in as you walk down shaftesbury street, you walk into the popside, you hear a mighty roar, fuck off you forest bastards!, we are the derby boy's!'